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Good morning fellow Warriors,

Normally I outsource my audio files, but for this particular project; well, it demands I personally record. I'm new to using Audacity, and other audio recording programs. Unfortunately, with every audio and video I attempt to record, I get horrible static in the background.

As I attempted to reduce, if not completely remove this static, the noise cancellation feature creates a heavily processed and artificial sound to my voice. Any recommendations? Is there a company or service out there that will clean up recorded audio?

Thank you in advance.

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    First tip is to make sure you always let a few seconds of silence roll when you begin recording audio.

    This give you a way to select a portion of your audio that contains just the "noise" which you can use for noise removal. This is called the Noise Profile. Select an area without you talking and go to Effects...Noise the Get Noise Profile Button

    Then, highlight the entire clip (CTRL-A works) and do Effects...Noise Removal...

    Here's where you get the robot sounding thing. Make sure you move the slider control to Less (to the left) and be less aggressive with your removal. You can get rid of a lot of noise at the first or second notch...

    Of course, the best way to remove noise is to make sure it isn't in your source file in the first place!

    Check out my Ace the Audio tutorials at: and you'll find out all the other tips and tricks for getting great sounding audio...

    Hope this helps!
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      You can get a decent USB mic for @ $100 now. Then go get a $5 foam windscreen to put over it to cut down on breath noises. That will sound about a million times better than plugging a cheap 1/8" mic into your computer's stock soundcard.

      BTW Audacity is not bad for a free program, but it's noise removal filter is a joke. Bias Soundsoap is the cheapest one I've found that works alright (around $80).

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