Are you being signed up for webinars without your permission?

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I noticed that people are signing me up to webinars without my permission. The more I unsubscribe from a list, the more spam I get from people I never heard of.

Is that the new thing in IM now? signing people up for webinars without their permission? Sometimes I feel like going to the webinar just to tell them who the hell gave them the right to sign me up for it, but just don't have the time.

What is more annoying is when it's almost time and they send you an email saying " the webinar is about to start in 5 minutes, please take your seat"

Is this happening to everybody?
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    That happened to me too. But I think a lot of things like that happen in the IM world. It is unethical though. I receive emails from people I unsubscribed from and I also get "Confirm to download" your gift etc. Of course sometimes I forgot that I have subscribed.
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    Of course sometimes I forgot that I have subscribed.
    Sometimes that happens, but in my case, I signed up for updates to products I bought, and somewhere along the line, my email was sold. Every time I unsubscribe from one list, like ten new ones appear. I guess the days of double optins are over, people sign you up to their list themselves
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  • People copy their email list move it to another list provider which lets them import without confirmation which for example Aweber will not. When they emial you the link has autoconfirm script for gotomeeting and other webinar providers they do it a few times. Once you click then you get the webinar sequence. It's probably not OK but it makes them tons of money and they don't care I know a few people make fortunes doing this with their list I think its wrong and dont do it but they like the money and do it. It depends what you value.
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    Yes, all the time.

    Especially if you have been a subscriber on someone's email list for a period of time.
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    Some people will do what ever it takes to sign more and more people up to their program.

    I never seen this technique before but if someone did it to me, I would not attend the webinar and also take myself off their list.

    I get people who are signing me up to their list without my permission so I ignore them or just UNSUBSCRIBE.
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    You can use a separate email address to sign-up to different lists and if they seem okay, you can 'promote' them by adding a forwarding filter to your main email address.
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