Best videos niche sites?

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Hi Warriors,

I'd like to develop a couple of niche video sites, I've seen an example of this where you can buy a script that will pull content from YouTube and other video sites and compile them into a video rich niche site.

How do you go about setting something like that? Are there any good scripts out there to automate the process? Did any of you tried these "products" and do they work? Can you get any ranking with them?

Is it better to outsource and build from scratch?

Certified newbie here so I'd appreciate your help on this
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    I just went ahead and got Instant Video Sites .biz (sorry can't post links yet) for $20

    The challenging part now is to create unlimited domains

    Will keep you posted
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    Hi Market1,

    You may like to check out my posts on a similar topic headed "Instant Video Sites".
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    Now that I've posted 15 times it seems I'm allowed to include a link :-)

    Here's the link to the thread I mentioned a minute ago:
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