How to get Ebay and Amazon listings to top of search results?

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Isn't Amazons and Ebays search engine algorithm based on the titles that you use?

Any keyword tools for both Amazon and EBay?
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    I can't speak for Amazon, but eBay has a complicated search algorithm (Cassini) is no longer driven solely by keywords. They made changes so it takes into account much more than just your listing title. If I remember correctly, it now takes into account your seller stats.

    Edit: This article gives more details about how EBay decides which listings get to the top:
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    It is unpredictable there are too many factors involved to say.
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    I am speaking for eBay...

    Yes. Their algorithms account for keywords
    in the titles, but it takes more to get to the top.

    If you take 8 different sellers all selling the
    exact same item (with exact titles), they
    may all be grouped together in the eBay
    search after the next.

    What will determine which of the eight will
    have the sole "top" position is your
    selling character/history.

    eBay has made it clear that they give preference
    to those sellers that maintain good feedback.

    It's a fact that if you're Top Rated Seller
    your items will move closer to the top.
    How you handle shipping affects that, also.

    Also, keep in mind that auctioned items get
    preference over fixed price items - regardless.

    These are all factors - not just the SEO
    of the listing. It's still a community for
    trading and trust reigns supreme.

    Your listings can all be auctions with
    great keyword placement, but still be
    planted at the bottom of their search results.

    PM me if you need any detailed answers.

    Hope this helps - take care!
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    So how does a small person or new user like me make a sale on Ebay?

    Do I have to wait 5 years to make my first sale?

    Because considering I have no feedback, no ratings, nothing else- I'll just be pushed to the bottom and NEVER make a sale- therefore won't get any feedback

    Therefore the whole thing is pointless, right?

    Big companies vs small people, or for example it's like PresidentObama vs the small person.
    Obama gets viewed a lot, while there will never be view for the small person. In fact, they may never get any credit
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