Show Price On Sales Page Or Next Page?

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Has anybody tested conversion rates with showing the price of a product on the sales page next to the "buy now" button versus showing the price on the NEXT page after clicking the "buy now" button? I will test it myself but I would like to know if anybody has already tested it. Which method do you think works better?
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    Both actually work. If the user is interested enough,
    they will click the link, but you will have a high amount
    of cart abandonment.

    For this, I suggest you drop a retargeting cookie on either
    page and follow them around with a downsell or similar offer
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    • Hi Mike,

      If you have done a good job of justifying your price on your sales page, then it will flow naturally into the decision process your prospect will make and certainly work better than putting the price on a separate page, as this could be construed as you being ashamed of it, when you should be proud of the value you are giving!

      So, for example, if you are offering an on-line training course, compare that with the much higher costs (and inconvenience) of a live workshop.

      The advantages of the on-line course is the prospect can sink into their favorite couch, relax and absorb all the secrets in the comfort of their own home, a cold beer at their elbow.

      No need to spend the whole time furiously scribbling notes, whilst they try and catch every word the presenter utters.

      What's more they can go back over certain sections that particularly interest them, as often as they like.

      In addition, they don't have to surrender their dignity to the Department of Homeland Security at the airport, pay for airline tickets and hotel accommodation or beg time off work to attend.

      And, because you don't have to hire a conference room and pay for all the other expenses associated with putting on a live event, you're happy to pass on this saving to them in the form of an amazing low price for the tremendous value they are getting.

      And, if you are selling a simple e-book, then justify the price by pointing out they are getting the same content as a much higher priced home study course, but - because you've removed all the fluff and padding, invariably found in home study courses - they benefit from this tremendous value at a much lower price AND can absorb all the secrets in an afternoon and thus be enjoying the results as fast as humanly possible.

      Warmest regards,

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