SEO vs. Social Media Marketing?

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If you have limited freelance resource to promote your buisness will you go for SEO or social media marketing?
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    Honestly one or the other probably won't work. Find a way to do both.
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    Depends on the niche but I'd suggest Social Media Marketing. SEO just gets harder and harder and Google updates mean that what worked in the past can stop working in the future.

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    If you manage to get good rankings for some highly responsive keywords then you can make decent money. The problem is Google and its ever changing algorithm. One day you are king of the hill and the next you are neck deep in mud. But the quality of the visitors is way better than Social Media.

    On Social Media you can get a lot of low value traffic and very few buyers. Sifting through it can be quite tiresome and anything you do loses value pretty quick because Social Media is a churn and burn type of business. Not really long term. A huge website on the other side will be worth something with time.
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    Depends on your niche but I'd go with Social Media. I personally hate SEO. Reason is I'm not comfortable having my entire business dependent on Google's mood swings.
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    Where is the Thanks button
    I am new
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      Originally Posted by Mike Simon View Post

      Where is the Thanks button
      I am new
      It's at the bottom right hand corner
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        I will do both SEO and Social Media Marketing.
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    Maybe the question is a bit to broad. If you are good writer and if you have plenty of time to do manual backlinking then you can go with SEO. But SEO will always need a lot of time to perform and you'll relay on google.

    If I had to chose I would go with social media because if done right you'll tap in multiple big sources of traffic. Just think about how much traffic you can get from Facebook, Twitter, YT, Stumble Upon, Reddit just to name a few. Also you can build your brand which is another main factor why to do it!
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