Best Way To Market A Sqeeze Page/Minisite?

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So I learned SEO is not the best way to market a Squeeze Page/Minisite...

What is the best method to market a sqeeze page/minisite (it's not in the IM/MMO niche)?

It's in the "Fiction Writing" niche... specifically, "Kindle Fiction Writing" niche.

What methods have worked for you?

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    Why don't you start adding a link to your signature?

    Then you would at least give people a chance to find your squeeze page/minisite.

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    Forum Marketing is a good start. Its slow to start off with but once you get active and the people start getting to know you, traffic will pick up.

    Also try social media ! Or other ppc alternatives !
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      The fastest way to promote a minisite is PPC. Try Adwords or Yahoo/Bing Network. You have to do some research but there is a high chance of success.
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    SEO won't work for squeeze pages. try:

    1) traffic exchange
    2) solo ads
    3) forum posting
    4) video sharing (youtube)
    5) document sharing (slideshare)
    6) blog commenting
    7) guest blog
    8) article marketing.
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    facebook also
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    You can market your squeeze page by using various ways. All depends on your budget and effort.

    If you want to see fast results and get leads and sales the only one way is to make a video related to your squeeze page topic ( your niche) and upload it to Youtube

    And buy some back links package for this video from Fiverr to rank your video high in search engine

    In fact the people will be ready to buy something after viewing a video more than reading an article
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    I would prefer Video Marketing but there are endless methods out there to promote your squeezepage. Just have a look in the all-in-one Traffic Thread which will give you great to drive traffic.
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    The Single Best Element You Should Be Focusing On When Planning Your Lead Generation Campaign (In This Case: Yous Squeeze Page):

    This is it: How and when you´re planning to get your money back.

    Providing you´re in this niche because you really want to provide valuable things for people that need it. Then the single element that will determine what are your options for "Distribution", is the ROI of your offer.

    So, ask yourself some questions:

    1. What´s my strategy for getting back my resources invested?

    It´s a series of offer you will be presenting to your list? Is a single offer you´re quite sure that convert? Is a front end offer with upsells?

    If you can quantify (or at least try to predict) how much money you´d be getting from each subscriber, then... The next thing you should be asking yourself is...

    2. When do I get my money back?

    This is important. This is called the ROI of your lead generation investment. And it will determine the budget of your campaign.

    It you´re quite sure that when you invest $100, you´ll be getting them back in 30 days, then money will never be the problem, right?

    Even if you don´t have the money....

    If you´re quite sure (and can prove) that you´ll be getting a profit from your investment, being in 15, 30, 60 days, whenever... I´m pretty sure that you could easily partner with somebody who have the money, but don´t have the profit generation idea.

    Then... is a matter of choosing a medium for distributing your squeeze page:

    There´s some good options here already. I´m only going to add some:

    Besides paid traffic (PPC, PPV, CPA, etc, you can google them).
    Besides "SEO"

    There´s some you could try:

    a) Creating a Self Liquidating Offer.

    Providing you have and offer that converts and can prove it, you could be creating what´s called a "self liquidating offer". Meaning... Creating an offer which it only purpose is to pay for your lead generation investment.

    Not for getting profits, but for paying for your efforts on getting those clients.

    Meaning, if you invest $100, and get 10 clients. An offer that´s paying for those $100.

    So... You´ll not getting profits (yet), but now you will have 10 clients you can build a relationship with. That already trust you. And that are interested in the line of services you´re providing to them.

    And the best thing... Because is a self liquidating offer... You´re getting those clients for free. So, anything else you market to them will be a win.

    b) Partnering with the power of your self liquidating offer:

    Hey, now the thing´s taking some form. You have an offer that makes money. So... If you know that the purpose of that "self liquidating offer" is to get you clients you can build a business with. I´m pretty sure you could find some JV´s where you´ll give them 100% commission on that offer. And then... Doing the same!

    If you get 10 partners, providing you 10 clients each a month. Now you´ll be getting 100 clients a month... FOR FREE. With the purpose of building a relationship with them and market very valuable products or services for them.

    You´ll have a business (or at least a more of a real shot of building a business)

    So, here´s some final thoughts:

    1. If you´re not quite sure how you´re going to monetize the thing, put that into your priorities.

    2. If you have a rough idea of how you´re going to monetize the thing, then make a educated guess... Try some ideas you can find around here or anywhere really, and make sure you measure how and when are you getting your ROI. When you can measure that badboy, then you have a business.

    3. Make sure you´re in this for the creation of value. If you want a get rich quick scheme... You will get a really, really low return on your time invested.

    I wish somebody had shared those little secrets with me when I started. I learnt it the hard way. So, I´m writing this post so I can maybe save you some time on the learning curve.

    Hope it helps.
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    the best way to do so is to buy solo ads and drive all the traffic to a Squeeze Page BUT make sure that you offer a low barrier product to sell just after you collect the lead so , you can make your investment back.

    extra tip is always have a free traffic method in place so , you have different sources for your leads.

    - Oliver

    Resource Blog for Beginner Entrepreneurs -

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