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Hello. I need advice from someone who has decent experience of buying domains, building a website on the domain, monetizing and then selling for a profit - website flipping I think it's called. I have been wondering if I could outsource cheaply to being with, and then as I get more experience perhaps I could carry out the necessary work myself - perhaps use WordPress?

Basically, I have several underdeveloped domains, but I want to take them to the next level by making them into fully functional websites, with relevant content and then rank them in Google before selling them on. I think this will add good value to them, as I can't seem to sell them as they stand even though I feel they are pretty good keyword rich domains.

What's a good starting point for me?... please be as detailed as possible!

Thank you so much guys
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    The more the merrier
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    I tried selling a site on Flippa, but I was kind of disappointed. To avoid the same disappointment, you need to develop a site AND get it making money. People aren't really interested in a site's potential, as much as its ability to make money right now.
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      Traffic and income are what everyone is looking for. Those things also are the hard part of building a successful site - no wonder people want that done for them!

      Without traffic, income or preferably both, you'll be lucky to sell your sites for enough money to recoup your time that it took you to build your sites.

      Harsh reality, and occasionally you'll make a small profit, but I don't see what you're doing as a model to consistent income.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    ADAM owns this, also...He does a great job

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    well as other metionted before key to make money with website flipping is to have a good product which means that it will soon make money or already makes money.
    The problem on flippa is the fees and all the others that want to sell a grappy website. More than 50% of sites are low quality and for that don´t sell.
    Do make money you need to buy a site or create one thats making money with proof.
    You need a good copy for the sale on flippa and you need some luck as well to be seen.

    Stefan Zeulner,Internet Marketer and Website Flipper
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