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Can someone tell me how to clean up the noise on the audio for Camtasia?

I can record videos but would like to improve the audio quality.

I speak to the monitor as I am recording presently.

I have a USB microphone but don't know how to integrate it or if something else would be better.

Can someone lend a hand and help me out?

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    There is a noise reduction feature in Camtasia Studio, but I rarely use it because speaking into my microphone is quite clear. The audio I did in this video was recorded real-time with no enhancement after the fact.

    What microphone are you using? That can make a huge difference, as does how it is positioned, room noise, and PC settings. I use something very close to this:

    and it does a fine job.
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      I will have to do Camtasia recording very soon for the step by step method that I will use on my landing page video and its really important that it offers quality result. Thanks for sharing the heads up, guys.

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    Personally I use the Samson C01U USB condenser mic and it does a fabulous job... It's completely plug and play.

    The mic cost me under $100 and I've had it for years now... it's the only mic I use and I'm extremely happy with it.

    I tried a lot of different mic's and headset mic's over the years and found my head was too big for the headset mics - they didn't pick up my voice properly... Since finding the condenser mic I have been spoiled...

    Mike Hill
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      Don't be fooled into thinking the "automatically try to detect noise on timeline" will work. It's not the best way to go about removing noise.

      Many times you will have a consistant noise produced by either your mike, or a background noise such as a fan.

      Use the "manually select a region of audio" function, and stretch your timeline out to get the most accurate view of where you want to select the 'noise' from. Try to use a dead spot with no vocal, music, or intended sound.

      And whatever you do...get Audacity and learn that program. It's free...and it kicks butt.

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