How do I market an amazon associate website on this niche?

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Hi all,

I have recently setup an amazonsupply affiliate site to try and target businesses looking for industrial, office and scientific supplies.

I am really struggling to get enough visitors to the website. Currently I am using google adwords only with as many keywords I can think of. I don't seem to be getting many clicks.

What should I be doing? How do I target businesses in the US who would be interested in my website?

I would really appreciate some advice from all the knowledgeable people on here
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    I would do SEO for that particular niche. I would also participate in business forums and find sections to comment in, with a link to your website in your signature, and also putting your link in some posts as well.
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    It sounds to me like your approach is way too general. You're marketing with a shotgun hoping to find "businesses looking for industrial, office and scientific supplies." That's a pretty broad arena.

    I'll bet your affiliate link is for something specific. So target that specific product and forget trying to cast a net as wide as China.

    Put down the shotgun and pick up a rifle with a laser targeted scope and aim for one prospect at a time. You can grow and scale as you become successful ... but for now, go after the "one."

    A second bit of advice is to check your offer to see how compelling it is. Does it force someone to rip off their shorts trying to get their credit card out of their pants pocket? If not, spend some time fixing it.

    Good luck.


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      You're venturing into business-to-business territory here. You aren't likely to get instant sales from "buyer keywords", as the sales cycles and chain of command are both different than business-to-consumer.

      Most purchasing agents are too busy to be surfing the net for general offers - they're busy either dealing with or avoiding the sales reps on the phone or sitting in their lobby.

      To get a PA on your side, you have to do two things - make his life easier, and give him a way to cover his ass if things go wrong. Back in the mainframe days, they used to say "no one ever got fired for recommending IBM."

      Just having an amazonsupply store doesn't mean squat. Any PA worth his salt already knows about the site and will shop there directly unless you give him a reason to follow your link.

      Spend some time educating yourself on B2B sales before dumping a bunch of PPC cash on "buyer keywords."
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        Agree with everything above. You should also be using Linkedin. This is where you will find business professionals.

        Do you currently have a LinkedIn profile? You should include a link to your website there.

        What about trade magazines? If you aren't getting some you should because this is now your niche. You might even consider placing some ads in them.

        Do you visit any industry trade blogs and forums? You can possibly find some to guest post in as well.

        You want to understand your customer and go where they go. Using a shotgun approach with Adwords is only going to cost you a lot of money.
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          As John said, the buying process for B2B is far more complex than the consumer market. It often involves several layers of management consensus, fiscal budgets, and buying cycles. The decision makers or PAs seldom make purchases from Adwords or search engine results. In addition, they generally are already aware of amazonsupply with a preference for "buying direct", unless there is a compelling reason to order through an affiliate.

          Your best option is to demonstrate expertise in these niches and position yourself as one who "recommends" products for specific applications or solutions. If you're trying to write product "reviews", business professionals and decision makers most likely will never take you seriously.

          Consider writing industry standard articles for professional publications that are read by your targeted audience. Most online/offline publications allocate a byline or short ad (3-5 lines) at the end of articles, directing readers to your sales funnel system.

          PS: If the website "" in your sig file is what you're using to market Amazon products to US businesses, you may be in for quite a long struggle. Savvy buyers know that Amazon prices are not anywhere near "wholesale".
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    It would appear I have set myself a bit of a hard task here :/
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