Any Suggestions for eBook promotion?

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Hey Guys,

I am in the process of having an eBook written for me on how to build a WordPress website and while I am waiting for it to be finished I am trying to think of ways to promote it. The eBook itself will be free as it will have my affiliate link in it.

I am planning to have it on my website with an email optin and promote that via YouTube videos and my blog posts.

What I am wondering though is, are there any places where I can upload my eBook for free and then let people download it for free? As I say my affiliate link will be in it, the email optin is just an added bonus really so that is not important.

If there are any websites that allow you to do this, do they get much traffic?

Thanks in advance!

If you have any other methods of eBook promotion I would gladly hear them as well!
(they don't have to be free)

So far I have found which seems quite promising!
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    I'll say - If you write an e-book about how to build a wordpress website why not build one with a squeeze page, so you have full control over the list??
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