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Hellow Warriors!

I've being looking for a pop up solution that will help me with my exit traffic.

In particular I was recently on a squeeze page that after I directed my cursor to the "X" button to close down the browser, this nice looking pop up appeared really smoothly. I hadn't even clicked the "X".

So I was wondering if any body knows of a similar plugin (could be for wordpress or not) or maybe the exact one?

I did my share of research before creating this thread with no luck.

Maybe some fellow warrior knows the plugin or has an idea.

Thanks in advance.
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    I use Hybrid Connect it's a plugin for opt in forms, squeeze pages and pop ups! You can also have a look at this post here which can help you with your search!
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    ExitCash plugin, Pop Up Domination, Hybrid Connect, Exit Splash...

    Check them out.

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      Originally Posted by magnificent View Post


      You may check the following post:

      Best Premium Wordpress Popup Plugins

      I listed the top Wordpress popup plugins.
      wonderful idea of these plugins for wordpress but my question is is all plugin works with all the themes so it is necessary to get in with compatiblity. There may be some issues so better check it also.
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    There is a software that I have been using with good success and it is called:


    One time fee and you can use it forever.
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  • Hybrid Connect - doesn't have an exit pop; templates get broken as you edit them; text is lost when you change templates; hard to get a refund.

    Popup Domination - support NEVER responds. Images on popups are broken.

    Pippity - exit pop not working; support NEVER responds.

    Ninja Popup - nice templates; can't change the fonts; looks cheap; still not have a refund after 3 days.

    OptinMonster - responded to support ticket within an hour. Failed to get the exit intent working after I upgraded to Pro. Finally refunded my purchase instead of fixing the issue.

    Go with a reliable service or you'll have never-ending headaches like I've had trying to get them to work, get support to respond, and get a refund.

    You should also perform a "search" function here before you open a new thread on popups; they're everywhere on this forum.
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    Download the Pop up add ons.
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  • Free WP plugin "Popup Ally" works just fine - even the exit intent!!
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    Hi, if you use the pagebuilder for wordpress called OptimizePro it has a built in function that will allow you to create an exit pop up when someone goes to click the x on the browser. Hope this helps!


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    Popup Domination is good but pretty sure there is a whole thread on this topic somewhere else. I remember seeing it a while back so I'm sure you can find tons of suggestions in there.
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