HELP - What do you use for controlling continuity content?

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I am looking for a content management system for a continuity program.

Basically I want to be able to control when subscribers would receive their next installment.

You join in month one, you get the 1st month's info.
Month two, you get the 2nd month's info. etc...

Say Joanne joins the program five month's later, I don't want Joanne to be able access anything but her first month's info.

If you can point me to some really good programs/software that I can look over that would be awesome.

And if you can give a brief pro/con list, that would be even better.

Thanks for you help, it is much appreciated.
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    I bought a piece of software form Shawn Casey, Jim Fleck, and Jeff Paul a couple of years back that does exactly that. It's real slick. I don't know if they're selling it anymore. They sold it as part of a turn key "make money online" type membership site. I bought it solely for the software. I think it was around 3k at the time. They said if they sold the software separately it would run around 20k or something like that. Don't know if they ever sold any for that or planned to, but that's what they said. Anyway, at the time I thought 3k was a steal for it so I jumped at it. There may be better alternatives now. Some may even be cheaper. I believe Launch Formula Marketing may have those capabilities. Not sure.
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