What is the best way to build a list in 2014,, April

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Hello my pals of the Warrior Forum!!!------>

Ok,, so what are some of the best ways that folks are using to build lists now a days?

I do know some killer ways but what else are y'all doing?


Robert C.----->
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    Social media, clickbanking, adswaps, solo ads, blogging, etc...

    Doing what everyone else is doing? You'll get the same results... 97% fail. Are you a sheep or a wolf? My team and I are changing the game. It's not as hard to make it online as you might think. Let's connect and see if we can help you.

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    Product creation, squeeze page with solid offer, free product releases ...
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    Paid ads such as classifieds, ppc.

    Free ways: Forums, video marketing, blogging, product creation, social networking and bookmarking sites are my favorites.

    I do it all
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      The best way I have found for building highly responsive lists in 2014,, April is the same way that has worked best for me since around 1993,, April; writing engaging articles for online/offline publications that are already targeting my reading audience. This marketing method (essentially building relationships with my competitors' subscribers) consistently beats them all-to-hell.
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    Swapping funnel clicks work for me.

    I get targeted traffic plus get them

    interested when they are most engaged.
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    Originally Posted by Robert X View Post

    Hello my pals of the Warrior Forum!!!------>

    Ok,, so what are some of the best ways that folks are using to build lists now a days?

    I do know some killer ways but what else are y'all doing?


    Robert C.----->
    Why don't YOU share your "killer ways" too...

    Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at JeffLenney.com

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      Originally Posted by eljeffe77 View Post

      Why don't YOU share your "killer ways" too...
      Sure pal,

      I do a bit of product review, except, I ACTUALLY use the products I promote. I don't just spam crap like everyone else. I buy stuff, if it works, I tell people about it. I make a demo video about it. I always have a sign up form to get subscribers to do just that.

      Also, I'm working on something right now as we speak. I will tell (show) you all about it very soon.

      But thanks for askin'. And how 'bout YOU?
      After all, it was a question. YOU can do it TOO!:p

      Thank you all,

      Robert C.


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    Sending all traffic to my blog where they find high quality content then are funneled onto my list for more of the same.
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      Originally Posted by Stuart Walker View Post

      Sending all traffic to my blog where they find high quality content then are funneled onto my list for more of the same.
      Thats quality list. Buying solo works for me.
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    Send traffic to a website where visitors see an offer for a quality free Ebook. The important thing is to get the visitor to join your list. That is all you need to do. Then you can monetize them.
    Buy the perfect domain name for your website.

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      Originally Posted by davidaclark View Post

      Send traffic to a website where visitors see an offer for a quality free Ebook. The important thing is to get the visitor to join your list. That is all you need to do. Then you can monetize them.
      That isn't 'all' you need to do.

      There's MUCH more to in than that as I'm sure you well know.

      You can send traffic to a website all day long offering a free ebook and get TONS of subscribers but that's no guarantee of making money.

      If the traffic is junk traffic or untargeted then it's useless. They will never buy anything after ending up on your list.

      If all you're doing is collecting freebie seekers from low quality traffic sources again they will never buy anything from you.

      If you succeed in building a list there's still no guarantee you'll make money from them if you don't understand email marketing - it's about more than just spamming people with offers.

      Traffic to a squeeze page then email in exchange for free ebook method doesn't work that well anymore and results in low open and click rates for the most part.

      That's what 99% of the WF are trying to do and failing with. It's a rubbish way to build an active list of subscribers who open, click and take action.
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    Free WSOs, product creation. Solo ads is the quickest, though not perhaps the best.

    Before anything, know your customer avatar and create an empathy map of them too. If you don't know who you want to target, then you'll have a tough time.

    Discover the only A-Z of Video Marketing and for your content, check this out: Premium Video and Full PLR Packs - Free $4,961 case study

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    1) Solo ads
    2) Click banking

    You can use adswaps, signature links, blog posts or advertising on Facebook.
    But I think the most efficient methods are solos and click banking.
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    To build a list, I would go with pay per click marketing.

    If you are going to do solo ads, I would not build a list through there. You are better off to send people to a paid offer right away. That is just my 2 cents.
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    It depends if you have a budget.

    If you have a budget, it's INFINITELY EASIER.

    If you're less lucky than that...

    There are a ton of free methods to drive traffic.

    Forums, Blogs, YouTube, even Facebook and a boatload of other social platforms.

    Just remember - that you need to put your HOOK in front of FISH.

    So, where are the fish you're particularly hungry for?

    (No, I'm NOT saying people are fish, it's merely a metaphorical symbolism).
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    Really good points her. Especially from Stuart.
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      If the owner of a business or a website takes a personal interest in you, what you want in that niche, and how he/she can help you get it, you're going to be much more apt to join the list than if you're treated as simply a faceless email address out there in cyber space somewhere.

      So here's my point. You've been given lots of different strategies in this thread - ways to go about collecting email subscribers. They can all work. They have all worked, and worked very well, for some marketers. "Your own mileage will vary," as they say, depending upon your audience targeting, copywriting skills, the offer being presented, etc. No one size fits all here.

      But there is something you can do across all these various list building methods that works in 2014 to help you build a nice responsive and loyal subscriber list. The key is not going after sheer numbers. Here's the secret:

      Treat every prospect as a valued individual that you can help in the niche. Get personal and specific about how you are going to fulfill that individual's desires. Over deliver (yes, it's a cliche but a very real business differentiation factor) and always treat your prospect like you would want to be treated yourself.

      It's very possible that your business can become "the only logical choice in the niche" in the eyes of your prospects (soon to be customers).

      Build your business one valued subscriber at a time, regardless of the method you use to find your prospects.

      The best to all of you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Google, Youtube, Facebook PPC, Solo Ads, Forum traffic, Banner Ads...

    Those are traffic sources that will never let you down if you do your research correctly!!! You want to be sure your ad is going to be placed in front of the right audience for laser targeted leads given we want sales in the back end
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      Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

      Creating a WSO and then either selling that WSO or offering it for free.

      That's the fastest and most effective way to build a highly responsive list.
      You hit the nail on the head. WSOs are by far the best way to build a "quality" list fast (aside from the "giving it away" part)

      Unlike solos and other methods, you are actually being PAID (well) to build a list, not "paying" to build a list.

      With a WSO you are building a list of buyers. And if you are providing real value, those people will buy from you again and again.

      Many will disagree with the following: NEVER give a WSO away for free.

      There are several reasons.
      1. You want to put proven buyers on your list. A subscriber is just a subscriber until they buy something, so just skip the whole "free subscriber" part and only get buyers.
      2. If you don't care about the front end money, give affiliates 100% commissions. This will build an army of affiliates for you which will continue to drive more traffic (buyers) to your offer and build your list.
      3. Free = Crap.... in terms of perceived value. Free tells me and others that your offer isn't worth buying in the first place. You can say that "oh I'm providing free value" but that's a bunch of bull. Everyone can see right away that it's a gimmick to get them on your list. Put a price tag on it and people will feel there is more value, and you become more respectable in their eyes.

      I've been building my list with WSO's for years. I've tried all the other stuff, yeah they work... but WSOs beat all.
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    I use Video Marketing I can build that way a good relationship with my audience. The good way if the don't like me or the content I provide they don't subscribe. That keeps my list free from people who don't want to work with me.

    Forum Marketing is also a good way for me to build my list through free and valuable reports I give away.
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      I use Solo ads and working well for me..
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    solo ads, offline classifieds ads, PPC, youtube, PPV. All traffic going to a optimized landing page.
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    Is this just a general question that you're wondering about? Or is there an actual niche you're interested in doing this for because that can make quite a difference in suggestions...
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    more about getting the best optins with highest quality subscribers or leads.

    The best way for this is with PPC, PPV or FACEBOOK we are finding in 2014.

    Again there are so many ways to get traffic, and you have to test yourself to see which ones are working and the upscale your efforts to the power of x 10 and you will earn 10 times the income.

    It sounds simple but at the same time its complex.
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    I like forum marketing. My referral traffic from forums seem to engage well with my content. They also stay on my site for a long time giving me a good chance of converting them to subscribers. Another great way to build a list is with Facebook PPC. There are so many ways to target people on facebook with your ads it's absolutely astounding.
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    Completely agree about the free offer not working for building a buyers list. one dollar products can be a powerful tool for building a good list.
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  • Profile picture of the author Max Anderson
    Top 5 methods:

    1. Product Creation, JV launch
    2. Facebook PPC
    3. Solo Ads
    4. Youtube
    5. Forum Signatures

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    BONUS offers with product creators.

    Buyers join your list as they have to sign up to get your FREE bonus
    once they buy the original product.

    Hope this helps folks!
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    Solo Ads...but need to pay.

    Affiliate templates are not allowed.

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    Like other suggestions here, I offer a free high-quality report in my niche. The problem is driving traffic to the offer - I find Google Adwords works well for this at a very reasonable cost. My acquisition cost per list member is less than 0.25 cents.
    Join Our Affiliate CPA Program $50 per lead in the home market niche.
    Customer landing page:
    Affiliate sign-up:
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    I'm getting a lot of traction from fusion methods right now. I like mobile PPC ads going through to free courses.

    I also have a very sneaky way of plugging into other peoples customers via discount coupons.

    Still like PPC, banners and hybrid ads (there is sooooooo much inventory out there).

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    Clickbanking, Solo ads and social media all good methods..

    FREE Guide Reveals Why You Will Never Succeed Online.
    >>Click Here To Download The FREE Guide<<

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    It depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

    For me right now it's PPC.

    It's amazing to me to hear people talk about freebies not generating buyers. It depends on where you hit people in their online journey. If you are getting targeted visitors on say MMO keywords that newbies would use, a great deal of them are not going to be turned off by "useless" free info. Just the opposite is true.

    I've used the analogy before of a magician trying to convince other magicians that magic is real. They know better.

    Find people who are not burned out with all the hype and nonsense and you might be surprised how much you can make with the tried and true give something away free and followup model.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    I'm starting with forum posting and solo ads
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    I think facebook ads, PPC, guest blogging will help you build links in 2014.
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