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My Squidoo lens is about Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin:

Vice President Sarah Palin

My question really concerns the clickbank links near the bottom of the page. How could I present those links in such a way that would increase the chances that they would get clicked on? Obviously I can't presell them since any selling action on my part would be off topic with regards to the subject of the squidoo lens.

And of course I would also appreciate some critiques regarding how I've structured the lens in general.

Thank you.
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    Hi Calamaroo,

    I just took the look, it's fine. Hey i didn't know she competed for miss Alaska btw. Interesting. I would suggest you to add the GOP speech she gave yesterday, it's at
    Btw, the links are okay, you have bridged the topic very well too, but try to embrace the links within a table with a background so that it stands out well. And maybe consider adding her family picture along with that

    Overall the lens is good, it can keep the visitor occupied, but dont forget to update it. Also stumbleupon ( the lens.

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      I thought it was a very good lense. Maybe an RSS feed would add to the experience since she is making so much news. Another thought would be a duel module since folks seem to be taking strong opinions when it comes to the Governor.
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      I can't see any problems with it. I like the way you have used video footage to communicate your content. I do also think an RSS feed would be beneficial and will also help you generate more regular visitors
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