What's the best WSO right now?

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I've recently registered Wforum , but I look every day WSO section , and every day I'm more confused , thousands of methods that seem to be the final solution to money , including many listed as " WSO of the Day" that promise if you invest time and desires, in a few days you will be earning much money or " good money " and you do not need experience nor investments.

Then look at all the comments, I see reviews , and yes they talk about the material, but nobody says if they have won a penny or not. then I also see thousands of comments , saying " ohh I 've tried , without experience, and it's working , tomorrow share a full review with evidence" but tomorrow never comes .

So my question is clear , what WSO is the best to make money, I do not care themed ( Blogging , ads , social media , cpa ) , since I have to learn a lot of any of them, and I dont care to invest my time in improve on one or other , as long as , actually becomes profitable.

PS : I see many Warrior, come with motivational responses, or saying that the method does not matter, what matters is yourself, want to work , I know all that, the answer I expect, is:

which WSO is better for you? why?
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    I can recommend you the following WSOs:
    - The Solo Academy by Robert Mangan (solo ad membership site, $27 for lifetime access, insane value)
    - Anything from Lee Murray (list building, all are amazing)
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    It is best to look at WSO topics that interest you to help market your product and look at the reviews on Warrior Forum to see how the WSO has worked for them. The best WSO is a broad question because it depends on the topic.
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    So far there was no ONE WSO that worked. It was rather a mix of ideas that i twisted.

    But the wisdom i want to share is this: Almost anything works...with lots of effort and investments, when required!
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      Originally Posted by IMDealBox View Post

      So far there was no ONE WSO that worked. It was rather a mix of ideas that i twisted.

      But the wisdom i want to share is this: Almost anything works...with lots of effort and investments, when required!
      Here is what I came to realize. Only a handful of marketers make enough money to make a full-time living. Only a tiny fraction of them generate over a million per year. I would say less than .001%.

      Many WSO followers realize it is not as easy as it looks. The main reason is that most people overlook the cost of acquisition per client. I saw one Facebook method mentioning how to generate $500 per day selling t-shirts. Selling is great but what about the cost of returns, inventory, and advertising hits and misses.

      Some marketers eventually realize it is better to sell the information about selling rather than making money from the method they learned. They become masters of lead generation techniques.

      Unfortunately, all the newbies have to go through this initiation period. It takes many years before you realize what it truly takes to make money online and grow business.
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    There is nothing as "The best wso" it depends on what you need and what you need to work with.

    if you want my opinion i would invest in a war room access.

    there is TONS of reports and product shared their for free everyday

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    andrawisnaser is right.There are no best wso's ,only one 'wso' will turn you into success or not,it's YOU . Only your effort and mindset will produce results and ti archieve good results faster I also sugest you to buy war room access.
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    Right now the best WSO is the one that you don't buy. You first need to figure out what it is that you want to do and then seek out individual pieces of information that help make it a reality.
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    If you go into a library you will see thousands of books.

    Not one book is the best.

    The WSO section is like a library. There are thousands of WSOs and each one can help you to learn something. Even if a WSO is total crap you can still learn from it even if it is only how not to do it.

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