I need a forum software ...

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... that can actually grant access to a user after a certain user age.

User registers and sees Forum with only 1 Subforum.

Subforum 2,3,4 ..., n exist, but he can´t see them.

Okay, let´s say the user registered 5 days ago and now he will be able to see sub1 and sub2.

Is there any software that lets me configure my forum this way?

Possible solutions:

1: if this doesn´t exist I would be creating a invisible subforum with dummie names like suforumname3947rthf0m9wq4rt9wq.php and give the link via autoresponder message to the user after a certain period of time.

2: I would have to create the same amount of access levels as subforums exist. But again, this should be happen automatically in dependence of the registration date

Any real help would be very much appreciated,

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