Video library promoting best Affiliate products?

by nuwanz
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Hello Everyone, We are planing to start a new membership site.
Where people can download videos which promotes best affiliate products in today's market. We will start with click bank.

All videos will be high quality most of time white board animation style.
We are planing to provide monthly membership fee less than 19$.

Is this some thing you guys looking for?
Will this help you to earn more money without spending $$$?

Your help will be highly appreciated. People who help us with their ideas may receive free one month membership.

Thank You,
Nuwan T.
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    Just run a test. Go to Fivver and start making a videos for $5 and see if it is something that the market wants.

    Also, you can place your add in the warriors for hire section.

    That should put you in front of a decent market to see what the product is worth.

    Hope that helps.

    Jeff Mitchell

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    Thank you Jeff. But I make videos already and people pay me way more than 5$ for doing it. Actually I'm a full-time video maker right now. I'm thinking about starting a video library where people can download best sales videos and put a AFF link in description and uploaded to video sharing sites. Or people can use on there blog posts to earn money.

    I'm just asking is it worth for the marketers?

    Thank you..!

    Video sales letter Creation for just 15$ per minute.
    Up to 50% discount for longer videos...

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    It sounds like a good idea to me, but as with all products, you won't know if it will be successful until you create it and work on promoting it.

    Even if this particular version of the idea doesn't work out, perhaps you'll get feedback from your customers on what tweaks might be made to really have this take off.
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    Thank you mike..! Yeah you are correct.

    Video sales letter Creation for just 15$ per minute.
    Up to 50% discount for longer videos...

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