How Do I Go About Reporting A Warrior?

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This isn't good, but about 3 weeks ago, I outsourced an authority site to a "warrior for hire" to design. One of the things that caught my attention about his post was how he said he goes by his "real name" and not a "fake name", which I liked.

After going over the sales letter, I paid him quite a bit of money (which, according to his salesletter, is non-refundable, but I acted on good faith at the time)...

After he took my money, he e-mailed me, thanking me and said to feel free to e-mail him at any time!

During those 3 weeks, I've sent countless e-mails to him, both to his Warrior address and to his Yahoo e-mail address...

After he took my money...

He NEVER returned any of my e-mails and NEVER replied to his posts !!!

Now, I suppose it would be easy for me to say he took my money and ran, which may have happened, but here's the thing...

This happened to me twice when I outsourced a project to e-lance. One time, the writer never contacted me till a week before the project was due (I believe I e-mailed her countless times, too)... she actually called me and left a message on my voice-mail, telling me she's been sick for awhile and unfortunately cannot finish my project.

Fortunately, with e-lance, there is an option where I can fund my account and hold the money in "escrow" until the project is completed. So, I never paid her, e-mailed her saying I hope she feels better and other than a waste of some time (which is bad), I went on about my business.

I had another similar incident with another e-lance writer. I sent him countless e-mails. He started returning some of them, but most of them went unanswered...

On the day the assignment was due, he actually delivered the work. He then e-mailed me and like the lady, he also called and left a message on my voice mail, apologizing for not answering my e-mails because he was dealing with "personal problems". For all I know, he probably is...

And that's the thing... this "authority site" designer may or may not be a scammer after all, but there's no way I could know :confused:!!! For all I know... something bad could have happened to him.

That being said, I still feel I should report him and I am asking if anyone knows of any place here in the Warrior Forum for me to report this guy.

The good news is, I'm currently working with another designer who so far has been pretty good and has been replying.

*** Also, I was wondering if anyone has gone through this situation before and can they offer me any advice as to how I can avoid this situation again.

As for me, it is my business and thus I take responsibility for this...

That being said, the unfortunate thing (in my opinion) about WF is that, unlike e-lance, there is no escrow to protect your money and many of these outsourcers demand payment upfront... also (and this is true for e-lance as well)... alot of these freelance workers have no contact phone number...

Which means once you give them the money, you are at their mercy (for lack of a better term).

So then, if that's the case, why do I sometimes use e-lance and sometimes WF instead of just using e-lance (in case anyone is curious )? I just feel there are some projects that e-lance can better handle and some that WF can better handle...

Not to knock this wonderful forum down, because I've found some great freelancers (this particular one who did not reply to my e-mails is obviously not so great, but...), but I just feel projects such as writing IM articles/e-books, self-help articles/e-books and health/fitness articles/e-books are better suited for WF while...

Projects that involve writing fiction, song lyrics (for my screenplays) or adapting my screenplays to fiction (which would involve a writer being able to interpret screenplay terminology and read screenplays) may be better for e-lance (yes, I'm aware there are some freelancers who are on both sites).

*** Anyway, back to the subject, I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation before and any advice on what I should do and how to go about reporting this travesty.

Thanks, everybody!

P.S.: This reminds me of an episode on the reality show "Shark Tank" (if anyone ever watches it) where there was one contestant (a jewelry designer) who made these intricate jewelry who he claims was worn by famous celebrities and he proceeded to ask for $100,000 from these panel of investors.

One investor asked him, "Did you make this all yourself or did you have help?" The jewelry designer replied proudly, "I made this ALL by myself..."

The investor's reply?

"So, if let's say I give you the money and you get hit by a truck today, what happens to my money? It's gone because you're the ONLY one who knows how to make these jewelry..."

The jewelry maker did not have a reply. In the end, though, someone did take a chance and gave him the money .

Anyway, the reason I bring that up is because this is how I'm starting to feel about writing services or web design services or any service run by a single person who proudly claims "I do all the work myself".

Do I have the right to feel that way :confused:?
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    There is probably not a lot you can do now.

    Yes, you can contact and ask for help and yes, you can contact
    forum support and ask for help.

    What you can do is learn from your mistakes. In the future
    make sure to communicate extensively before hiring somebody
    and then never upfront.

    Paying a small portion upfront is fine but more than 10%: no way.

    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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      I have been sorta scammed by fellow a fellow warrior in the past...hell he even hacked my email and Facebook because he was mad I was not happy. It will take more time to worry about it then It will to just let it go.

      Remember.... There are scammers all over the place and that is why the industry gets a bad rap among the ones who don't understand.

      Just remember for yourself to always be honest in your marketing and NEVER become one of those people.

      Hope that helps.

      Jeff Mitchel

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    Go to this sales thread and click little red triangle at the bottom of the column under his user name. That's the report function. You can tell the mods what happened, reference any proof you have, and they'll take it from there. They can't necessarily get your money back, but they can and do ban people who are proven to be scammers.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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