Switching from Aweber... what to chose?

by mcerny
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Hi guys.

I originally started the internet marketing game on the international market, but we recently started a local business in Slovakia and I've switched my focus to the slovak market. It seems like a good idea, since it's much more responsive and I'm getting more sales.

I've been building my list for a while, but I've never had to use non-english characters... until now. My slovak customers are getting very amateur looking emails with random characters.

I was very disappointed to find out that Aweber doesn't support them. So now I'm looking for an alternative that works as reliably as Aweber, but supports non english chars.

I NEED to be able to set up a blog broadcast and I NEED to be able to automatically add my clickbank customers to the list upon a sale.

I'll also need to migrate my lists of something under 500 subbers, my blog broadcast, and around 35 follow up messages.

Currently I'm looking into Mailchimp and GetResponse. Do you know if any of these have the features I need? Which one would you recommend?
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    I can tell you that Mailchimp supports non-English character, like the German ä, ö, ü, ß. I just checked the supported languages and Slovak is also one of them.
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    If you're looking for Best of the Best.. u can head for InfusionSoft..

    But if you're average user like any user, getResponse will be next in line..XD but i still prefer Aweber.
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    After aweber...

    Next best recommendation would get GetResponse
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      Originally Posted by jamescanz View Post

      After aweber...

      Next best recommendation would get GetResponse
      Are they not suffering the same issues as Aweber? If not, then I'm considering a change.

      SInce Aweber's recent issues began, I opted to receive their "problem update" bulletins, the frequence of which is staggering... but is this the norm, and perhaps I am only noticing since having opted to receive the updates?

      Sorry for partial thread hijacking
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