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**********Not interested in Doing Ecovers or graphics *******
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    I'd charge more than that if I was you. You're going to have to do 25 full mini sites to make $500. That's a lot of work for very little money. If you can consistently produce the quality of the Harmful Foods cover in your samples, you can certainly charge more than that and people would be willing to pay.

    Up to you. I guess it's one way to make a name for yourself first before scaling up. All I'm saying is I know how much work and time goes into creating a quality mini site. Maybe I'm not the fastest designer around, but doing it for $20 a pop sounds too much like scratching for minimum wage. Not much point in that.
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      Eshwar, $20 for a full minisite design!!! I wouldn't want to discourage you but, do you know what you are getting yourself into at all? By the time you are thru, you'll be posting in different IM forums all over the internet looking for whom to work for or with.
      You're rushing it too much. You know how time consuming it takes to complete just an ecover, much less a full minisite design.

      Think it over again, men!
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        I just recently bought a Warrior priced e-cover for just $37 all on it's own and it was a great deal. $20 for all you are doing is lowballing yourself. Minimum I would suggest, just starting out, would be more the $67 range till you have more samples and testimonials to back you up.
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    "Will code for food" ---- "Will design for Rent" I completely agree with others who have commented on this thread... You doing too much work for way too less money ... Respect your creativity and charge a decent amount For all the effort and time you ll put in All the Best!
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    20.00 does that come with PSD files?

    How much you want to charge me for headers only? PM me for work.

    You might want to enter your design in a contest here in the WF $100 is up for grabs that will pay for 5 WSO.

    Richard Dean
    God Father Of Ecover Actions

    5 Minute Mobile Sites... My Next WSO Comming Soon.

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