Physical Product As A WSO?

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Hey guys,

Have any of you ever seen any wso's with physical products?

I am thinkibg of doing a complete business in a box which will have to be sent physically simply due to file sizes and other items I would like to include.

Do you think it could work?

Thanks in advance,

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    Shipping costs would be a massive issue for you.
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      Originally Posted by Luke Dennison View Post

      Shipping costs would be a massive issue for you.
      Yeah maybe,

      However I was thinking about targetting only the uk and selling only 10 packages, the postage will be only £10 for the whole package if delivered in the mainland of the uk.


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    I think a physical product would be a nice change in the forum. and you won't know if it works or not until you test it. That said, be sure your costs are covered.
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      If it's a worthy product, I think it would work wonders. Give it a shot bud.
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    I'll go against the tide here. Warrior Forum is instant gratification central. People want it yesterday. Unless you're selling Nirvana in a box with a healthy measure of stardust and moonbeams, I think it would BOMB, big time.
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    I don`t get it, why use a WSO for 10 packages restricted to UK ? Seems like killing spiders with rocket launchers if you ask me. I would think of other 20 ways to adv to UK to get those 10 sales

    Do it global and that`s just another story
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    Thanks for all of your input guys, I might just give it a go then.

    It's only going to cost me $20 so if it bombs it is all good and I won't lose much.


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