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Hi everyone - I'm trying to find a ultra-fast loading WordPress theme WITH lots of features. I've bought a bunch of themes on the WF, but most, although beautiful, load very slowly. I have one theme that takes over 10 seconds to load. Arrrrg!

I consider a fast load time to be anything under 3 seconds. I've tested several of the standard WP themes that come with WP, and without adding any extras - just stock out of the box (testing at GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization) most load up in under two seconds. However, I like all the bells and whistles offered on many of the latest themes sold here on the WF.

And yes, I use a lot of plugins (security, popups, etc.), but again - I like the extra functionality. So it seems that if I want fast-loading I have to use a striped down theme with fewer plugins, or have a theme with lots of bells and whistles but poor loading speed.

It's quite a head scratcher for me. Anyone have any ideas? :confused:

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    I know what you mean...i got my sites under attack all the time so security plugins, firewalls are a MUST. The downside is that the sites load slow.

    I have managed to make my sites faster by using W3 Total Cache + Amazon CDN + AWS PLugin + Amazon S3 Cloudfront plugin. All free.

    Took me a day but my sites load MUCH faster! So you get the bells and whistless and reduce the load time!
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    ultra-fast loading WordPress theme= oxymoron

    As said use cache, plugin profilers, pingdom, cut back on what you do not need.

    Many security plugins completely mess up speed, avoid duplication of function.

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    One of the components that cause the theme to load slowly is the image gallery or image slider. Replace the slider with Soliloquy or Royal Slider and you can see a drastic improvement in website loading speed.
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    Without knowing the exact style of theme you're looking for...

    If you search in WordPress Themes | Website Templates | Create a Website | ThemeForest for "speed optimized", "css only". There will be some to choose from that are wicked fast.

    Also, in addition to what others have said, install the "lazy load" plugin: WordPress › Lazy Load « WordPress Plugins
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