Niche Blog and Opt-in Site.... What should I do???

by Daniel Flower 5 replies
Hi Warriors

I am creating a niche blog, and I also want to get people to opt-in to a 5-part email course, but I'm not quite sure how to set it up. Should I install the Wordpress blog at and have as the opt-in page, or should I have the Wordpress blog at and simply have the opt-in form in a prominent position on the blog (or as a pop-up or something)? Which do you guys think would work better?

Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated!

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    It works quite well for me.

    On my domaining blog I have the newsletter opt-in in the top right and I mention the newsletter on occassions in my blog posts.

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    Hi Daniel,

    Follow the experts. I believe what the experts at do and follow them. This is one of their site, and you can clearly see how they can placed their optin that is tested and proven to be a right choice for optimum lead conversion rates. This is their site,

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      That will depend on your traffic sources, and how you're driving traffic and what you're going do with that traffic.

      In other words you can drive traffic specifically to your main domain name where your squeeze page is, and let your blog pick up the organic traffic and any optins.

      You really can have best of both worlds. But again this really depends on what your going to do with your traffic and how your going to monetize that traffic.

      Frank Bruno
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        Hi everyone

        Thanks so much for the replies. As usual the advice is spot on... and I urge everyone to never forget what a goldmine of information this forum is

        Thanks again

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    yaro starak believes the opt in box should be in the sidebar, right on top. it has to be prominent, and it has to be right where the reader is. this way, no matter which page or post the reader ends up on, the box is still in the same spot.

    you should check his Blog Mastermind video. it's an eye-opener.

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    Ex-ghostwriter now writing exclusive PLR ebooks - Limited PLR Club
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