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So a couple of weeks ago, I got into TCT and they did deliver traffic to my site, although about 5% of those clicks were unique. And browsing around the forum and apparently someone reported that most of the clicks were coming from, (I assume these are bot clicks?) Not something I wanted.

Anyways. I decided to login today in the morning and the website is down.. Its been over 12 hours now, and the website is still down. I've also noticed that I'm not receiving anymore clicks to my links.

I'm not really mad, I was about to cancel the product today. My question is:
assuming they are shut down permanently and their website will never come back up, will they be charging my card still? I know it's kind of a stupid question. If they aren't providing me the service, they legally can't charge me. But I would just like assurance that they won't charge me. I don't want some dude running around with my info.

thanks guys!
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    I believe that Hostgator is having a problem with their servers, it's a big possibility that they are hosted with them.

    Also it sounds like you are buying garbage traffic in hopes of getting sales/leads, sorry but stop wasting your money on stuff like that. It will never work, you can buy a billion visitors from these types of services and never see any results. You can't expect to get thousands of real visitors for just a few bucks. Quality traffic is a lot more valuable than that.

    I wish you much success
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    oh maybe it's that then.

    ya, today was the day I was going to cancel. I guess I'll have to wait a little longer before I can cancel.

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    oh maybe it's that then.

    ya, today was the day I was going to cancel. I guess I'll have to wait a little longer before I can cancel.

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    I have purchased and used Twice Confirmed Traffic, and my experience was not as rewarding as most people claim they have. I recieved traffic but no sales. I only recieved referrals for "FeederMatrix" which is a free to join signup, but those signups are deleted after 3 days if they are non-paying, . As far as monetary gain ( in the lease ) there wasn't any, so I cancelled the paid subscription and I am now a free member. I have found a similar product, that produces absolutely more clicks, and you can also join for free. You will notice clicks, and then they will set up the software and confirm that they have optimized it for traffic. The traffic rate doubles or triples. I am seeing really good traffic at JVzoo, with this other platform. As a free member of "Twice Confirmed" I am just as happy as being a paid member, because the results are the same. The other software produces more traffic and more unique hits.
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      whatever the case if you wanted to cancel all you have to do is call your credit card company and put a stop payment on it.
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        I've been signed up to TCT for 5 weeks so I thought I would chime in here on MY personal experience with these guys..

        I am promoting 5 programs with them at varying price points: Google Sniper, Shoe In Money System, Affilorama, Get Cash For Surveys, Venus Factor. My results so far: Roughly $150 profit (after program fee costs)

        I am only advertising my sites with TCT right now so because of that, I'm pretty sure my sales came from them. I messaged their support asking about IP's and they told me their hits are distributed through frames, whatever that means lol, but frankly I don't really care how or where they get their traffic, as long as it makes me money.

        It's good to see people sharing their experiences with this product here. I see a good mix of reviews which is par for the course I suppose, considering people have all sorts of websites they're trying to push with all sorts of expectations.

        One thing I find a little funny though is when someone finds fault with something in a review only to offer their own product at the end haha. Kinda sneaky :rolleyes:

        If life gives you lemons, turn it into lemonade :)

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