Wrote ebook, where to go from there?

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So I spent a couple of days writing an ebook. It has 13k words and I'm planning to sell it on my website for 9.95. I got most of the design of the website down, a marketing plan along with an advertising budget and also signed up on 31 different sites to help promote by book. I was just about ready to put my plan into action and then I realized something.

I don't know how to sell my ebook. Like really physically sell it. What do I do? I know I need to convert it to a PDF, and I signed up with a paypal seller account so that I could begin selling it. But I don't know what steps I need to take to actually place the book on my site and make people pay me to download it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also on an unrelated note, I can't sign into the email address that I have used for paypal. It is one of the domain email addresses that you get from hostgator. I have it linked up with windows live mail but whenever I click on it and try to use this email it tells me that I need to sign in. And whenever I put in my log in information it makes me do it over and over again. I know its the correct information because I went back to my Cpanel and changed my password just incase I somehow forgot and it was still doing it. Whats going on?
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    To turn your book into a PDF I'd suggest OpenOffice. It's free and will let you export your ebook as a PDF.

    For selling your ebook you should look at ClickBank. They will handle all the billing and tell you all the steps you need to take to get your book up for sale.
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    JvZoo is also a good place to sell your eBook. Instead of selling your eBook on your site alone, allow some affiliates to sell it for you.

    Have you considered selling it in Amazon as well?
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    Get a cover created for your e-book and get it up on Amazon Kindle. You don't even need to convert it to PDF, they accept .doc files. That's the easiest way to sell it. If you will be selling it through your website, just upload it to a folder and create a Paypal secure button with the file URL as the payment success URL. Then you can place that button or URL anywhere on your blog to sell it.

    For your email issue, you should contact Hostgator about that.
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    Hi Brando,

    There are many ways/systems you can use to sell it.

    I would suggest a couple of things for your consideration:

    1 - Get it into a system which lets people pay and download it.

    2 - Use a system which easily allows you to create JV partner and affiliate relationships and manages the tracking and delivery of the product and payment of those affililates.

    As Adrea suggested, something like JVZoo is a decent option for this.

    3 - Take a step back and consider what other value you can offer/deliver to the people who buy your book.

    One thing many newcomers to IM forget is that most of the money successful IMers make is not on the front end sale of their info products.

    If you can create some supporting offers to give you the ability to up-sell and/or offer a OTO of a relevant product/service at the point where people are saying yes in the buying process of your book - you can multiply what you make.

    To leverage your efforts you really need to consider what the lifetime value of your customers will be and what value you can offer, rather than load all of your focus and effort onto the front end product and then not having anything else to sell.

    You may want to just get the initial sell done and then worry about this stuff later, that's your choice but it's something to give some consideration to.

    4 - You're much more likely to get the majority of sales from enthusiastic affiliates than directly from your own efforts, so make sure you focus your offer, communications and rewards on finding and supporting those people.

    Good luck.

    nothing to see here.

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    Thank you for all the help guys. But I was wondering, since I'm selling it for so cheap, what self respecting affiliate would promote it? Even if I gave them 75% commission they are only making $7. Also, don't I have to pay a fee to place my book on sites like Amazon and clickbank? I'm worried I would be throwing that money away. I don't have a job anymore so I'm trying to spare every dime and invest it wisely.
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    You should hire someone to convert your ebook to PDF and then sell it through pay per click marketing.

    You can also offer an affiliate program and have every customer have the option to join it to make money. That is what many vendors do.
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    Did i hear somebody say hire? I wouldn't mind though... Haha
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    Here are a few steps that should get you on your way:

    1. Have professional looking cover developed
    2. Setup your product to sell on Paypal and add the buttons to your site (so someone can actually order it) OR - go with a shoppingcart/affiliate management platform like JVZoo, E-Junkie (I use them all the time), Clickbank - varying benefits here including handling partner/affiliate sales, returns, commissions, etc...
    3. Upload your ebook to a protected directory (simplest is to password protect a directory from your webhost's Cpanel) then have your payment processor kick out an automated email to your customers once they have paid with the link to that directory and password (There are more secure methods that provide one-time access, but for now this will work and prevent outright theft on an open directory)
    4. Send targeted traffic and test your conversion - tweak your sales letter every 100 to 200 unique visitors or use split testing. That traffic can be paid (Adsense, Facebook Ads, Solo Ads), SEO (from content like articles, blog posts (highly recommend you start your own blog), social (Twitter, Facebook posts), Youtube videos, etc... and/or Partner Traffic from JV's

    I would strongly suggest that you put together a higher-priced package option that is more attractive to affiliates - you can do this by bundling bonuses such as an audio version with your PDF, extra's like an "Action Plan Summary", special reports, expert interviews, etc... You can usually put together a higher-end package that can range from $47-$97 depending on your target market and competition.

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    You could get affiliates from, Clickbank - JVzoo - Warrior+.

    I think you should go that way, and then pay for retargeting traffic, boom a lot of sales incomming.
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    Great, thank you again everyone I got the book up and running on my site and connected through paypal. I'm almost ready and really excited to start marketing my first project Thank you for helping me through this process. Hopefully my last question. How can I make it so that paypal emails them the password to my pdf document? After reading JBsmiths post I want to put a password on it, but I don't know how I can make it so that my buyers will know the password?
    Also thanks for suggesting OpenOffice I'm loving it
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      Hi Brando,

      There's no fee for putting an ebook onto Amazon. It's also worth going to CreateSpace (also owned by Amazon) and making a print on demand version of your book, then getting it linked back to your Amazon ebook sales page, you then get those who still like the feel of paper and electricity-free reading.

      Each section will allow you to set your own price, within limits and Amazon's cut is less than affiliate fees.

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        Originally Posted by Simpilot938 View Post

        Hi Brando,

        There's no fee for putting an ebook onto Amazon. It's also worth going to CreateSpace (also owned by Amazon) and making a print on demand version of your book, then getting it linked back to your Amazon ebook sales page, you then get those who still like the feel of paper and electricity-free reading.

        Each section will allow you to set your own price, within limits and Amazon's cut is less than affiliate fees.

        Oh I didn't realize that. It must've just been clickbank I remember reading something about a $50 fee. I like your idea of a print version alot I'm considering printing a few out to sell in person as well. Do you know how to make paypal email my customers the password to my ebook?
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          First of all, congrats for getting your book done and set up.

          I don't know how to get paypal to send out the password.

          I would suggest to call them up and ask them how to do it.

          If it turns out more complicated and might take you a while, I'd suggest that in the meantime, until you have that part sorted out, do away with the password and just take them to the download page.

          Most people are basically honest, and so I wouldn't get too worried about it. And if someone wants to steal it, they'll find a way.

          You can also change the directory where you keep it every once in a while, and be sure to make the adjustments for the PayPal setup.

          Once you have things running, why not go over to JVZoo and set it up there as well - and get some affiliates.

          Good luck!

          FREE Report: 5 Ways To Grow Your Affiliate Income

          Let Me Help You Sell: Sales Letters, Email Series, Pre-Sell Reports... PM me & we'll talk!
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    You can sell you rebook here too! But of course with special price. Btw, u can sell in Jvzoo, clickbank, and e-junk. There is ton of way to sell.

    Buy solo ads to boost your sale.

    Rmb to ready to build a ton of buyer list!
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    As andyhenry mentioned creating and offering a OTO at the time of the sale of your ebook and creating a high premium priced product to attract affiliates to sell your products and along with upsells & downsells in your sales funnel, is a simple formula to maximize your sales

    Because you have a product now, this is where the challenges begin for all marketers and that is how are you going to promote this ebook, so here are a few more tips below to do so...

    4 other ways to promote your new ebook...

    1) ebay
    2) submit a free report to pdf directories with a link to your site
    3) craigslist
    4) place an ad in a local freebie paper

    Good luck let us know how it goes for you
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    Gonna let you in on a secret: use Bidvertiser for PPC to sell the book through text and your own banner ads. VERY cheap per click, and you can target traffic.
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    Would you suggest adding your book (or product, whatever it might be) to all these sites? JVZoo, E-Junkie, Clickbank or just one? I set the affiliate commission at 50%, another ebook guru had it at 50/50 and I respect him, so thought I'd do the same. What do you all give your affiliates if you'd like to share? I guess if you use many platforms instead of just relying on one, you don't feel so powerless if one website doesn't sell anything.

    I guess there is also Payloadz and Digital River.
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