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You work the 9-5, get home, eat something, maybe some exercise, play with the kids...I mean there are not many hours left in the day for an internet marketer who is working a full-time job and does s/he really want to spend their little free time on a computer when they have already being working on a computer all day at their full-time job.

So my questions are

1. Can a person succeed at internet marketing while working a full-time job?

2. How to make the time to do your internet marketing without it affecting the work-life balance too much if you already work full-time?

How have you guys achieved this? Any tips or strategies?
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    1) Yes you can succeed in IM while working a full time job.

    2) Spend one or two hours after you kids go to sleep working on your IM stuff. You will take longer to get to where you want than someone who has many hours in the day to work online, but IM in not a get rich quick business anyway.

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      Of course you can... But as with everything in life it comes at a price, which means sacrificing spare time and putting in a lot of effort!

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      • Well setting up initially will take lots of hours and sleepless nights for the first month or two. Then the rest will be value creation for your audience to gain traffic organically and making initial conversions.

        If you have money to invest and want to work a little less, solo ads and any paid advertising is the fastest way to scale your subscribers and followers. You can work extra part time job for now as well and put the online business behind for a little bit in order to increase your funding for paid ads. If you know what you are doing and you have reliable trustworthy paid ad sources, your business can scale fast! Any money make from business, i invest 70% back into paid ads.

        When I got started, I made a promise to my family that I need some time alone with the business start up for the next 2 months. I still worked a full time job then, worked out for 1 hr, get home to eat and shower and Put in abou 4-6 solid hours work then sleep 5-6 hrs to wake up and start the day again.

        Now I have my ritual of marketing on forums, coaching my students, finishing uP my products, answering emails, listening to successful leaders in my niche podacst and videos, then write my blog and vlog and broadcast email for next day.

        Of course now doing this full time, I have more fun balancing which projects needs priority while carrying my laptop everywhere I go and being a husband, father and son to my family.

        It is definitely simple, but not easy, but simple
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    Theres always a way to do things, if you automate your things you can use as much time as you want.
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    You can succeed doing IM in your spare time. You just need to learn time management.

    Wake up an hour earlier or go to bed an hour later. Have designated hours of when you work on your IM biz and make it a ritual.

    Unfortunately, you have to sacrifice "something" to achieve success. Be it time, money, etc.

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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  • Yes. I work full time, and also do quite well as a freelance writer and I own a few websites that I make a growing amount of money from too.

    First, keep in mind that it is a big sacrifice.

    Second, give up television. Do it now, TV is a huge waste of time. At the very least, give up all but one or two shows. You'll be amazed at how much time you save.

    Third, start being more intentional about how your spend your time with friends & family. While it is important to spend time with them, make sure you're not just sitting in the room with them doing nothing. Really play with them and enjoy the time with them. 1 hour of real attention is worth more than 2 of just being next to them watching TV!

    Fourth - Talk to you family about your desire to do IM. Let them know what opportunities you think there are, and how it will help the whole family in the long run. Bring them in on the journey. If my wife didn't support my freelance writing business, I would never be able to be as successful as I am!

    Fifth - Find time at work - If you're on a computer all day at work, see if it is possible to skip breaks and lunches to do something for your business. Breaks & lunches = about an hour per day! USE IT!

    Good luck!

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    When I was working 9 to 5 and setting up my stores, I used to take my personal laptop to work with me and work on the stores during my lunch hour even. Of course this was before tablets where it would be even easier to do this these days.

    As others have said though, you can do it - just means some sacrifice especially in the beginning. I used to do a LOT during the weekends though fortunately I never had kids and this was after I broke up with my fiance so had no one else to worry about. I'm sure it will be harder if you have kids - especially small ones that might not understand what working now means. But certainly your spouse would and could help with some time management - take the kids to the park for a few hours on the weekend to give you quiet time to pump out a lot of work. Or take your laptop to the coffee shop for a few hours and work there.

    There are a lot of options these days to get things done.

    Owner of LABEShops.com & 20+ Niche Online Stores as well as Scifispace.com and other sites. Recommended Host: Evolve

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    I used to do this but I was lucky enough to have a job that allowed me to come home once my job was done, even if that meant at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and I have no kids. Now I have a 9 to 6 job and I am struggling to keep up with my daily IM tasks. It's difficult, but I for one am not giving up.
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    It is pretty easy to build a part time internet business while having a full time job.

    When you first start out, there will be a lot of things you will need to learn so you will have to spend less time watching TV.

    Once you figure out what is working for you, you can pretty much put your business on auto-pilot and have more time to spend with your family and hopefully quit your job.
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    If someone has a strong will to be successful at IM, I am quite confident that one can achieve at-least small amount of success doing it part time, though many of us have achieved grand success along-with day time job.

    However, My suggestion will be to save money for at-least one year of expenses and then after experiencing success doing part time, you can take a plunge for full time IM.
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    This stuff takes time and if your not willing to put your all into it you might find you will end up bitterly disappointed.

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    As you can see from the various responses, of course it CAN be done...that's how many of us started. You can't be fooled into thinking that there won't be sacrifice though.

    You will need to put in 1-2 hours each day, give yourself time to experience setbacks, there is a learning curve for sure.

    The good news is that if you have a big enough WHY driving you, nothing will stop you. That goes for any type of business - entrepreneurs are driven by what is possible, are repelled by what exists already...it is built into their DNA to require progress rather than feeling secure with stability and status quo. Not everyone is built that way, the first step is to do an honest self-assessment as to what drives you. If you feel frustrated, uncomfortable, even a little "Crazy" with your current situation and can't wait to get at your business each day then spending 1-2 hours won't be a problem.

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    For sure you can do it! That's how some of the most successful internet marketers on the planet got started. Key is simple - it's not all about 'time', it's about focus. You can get more done in 1 hour than you ever thought possible IF:
    * you put your phone in another room, you logout of your email and facebook, and tell yourself that for the next hour you're getting down to business.
    Yup, can be that simple.
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    Depends on how badly you want it.

    I wrote articles on the train to and from work, did IM during my lunch hour, and at nights and weekends. Hell, I even did it during work when I thought I wouldn't get caught.

    There is ALWAYS a way to do what you want...if you want it badly enough to find that way.
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    For sure Lisa nailed it -- I was forever doing it at work while I had a j.o.b. and got pretty sneaky about it too. But like she says, it's about how bad you want it.
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    It's all about priorities and motivation.

    Last year I studied around 30 hours a week (computer science Bachelor's degree) and worked 10. It was quite hard to find some extra time and energy for online business, the school stuff was pretty extensive and the work (testing and technical documentation) was was boring and making me dull.

    But I still built websites that today make me nearly 4,000$ a month.
    How did I find time and energy for that?

    What helped me most was self-confidence. I kept saying "You can do it, you can do everything!" and "If this guy, and that guy were able to build their online empires, you can have your own one! And even bigger!". (I am very competitive.)

    I also kept in mind that online marketing would give me freedom. I was saying: "Never again will you have to wake up when your boss wants to and do boring stuff you hate!"

    Last, I kept saying: "I am a producer, not a consumer!" I realized that consumers go home after work, watch some TV, watch some movies, have a bit of fun, surf the web and that's all, no more energy and time to sleep. Day after day, work 9-5, come home, consume some content (and spend a bit of money) - and sleep. On the other hand, the producers of that content are different. They do not live in a system. They create it. They have opinions and ideas. And that's what I like - creating systems and spreading the word.

    I suppose that if you get into this kind of thinking you WILL find time and energy for your own internet business.
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    Hi Nathan, A lot marketers have mentioned some valued points on making internet marketing part-time and using the time you have to keep working at it. How I see it just like many others is you will have to put time and effort into something to make it worth with. I heard a say that said work a year of you life full time, then you can have the rest of your life off! Now that is something you have to be will to do and would it be worth it sure it would.
    You see in a job you only get paid when you work, with working online you can automate the work once it's up and running. So over time your income can start building up. It will take time and money to get it going, but just look at the benefits then you can enjoy all the time you want with your family. Sure wish you all the best! :-)
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    Been there done that buddy. As long as you take action on your business every day, you're making progress.

    You need to sacrifice when you are in that position. I went months with little to no sleep and sacrificed TV and family time until I broke out.

    It's hard and requires full commitment, but having a JOB makes you realize every day WHY you're so tired and WHY you continue to press on building a business.

    Stay strong friend and make small steps every day. It will add up I promise.
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    Originally Posted by Nathan251 View Post

    1. Can a person succeed at internet marketing while working a full-time job?
    Yes! I did for years.

    2. How to make the time to do your internet marketing without it affecting the work-life balance too much if you already work full-time?

    How have you guys achieved this? Any tips or strategies?
    I also woke up at 3am just to work on my business...for years!

    If you want it bad enough, you'll figure out how to get it. If not, then you won't.
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