What's the best way to promote a property management biz

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Warriors, What's the best way to promote a local property management biz. Ideas?. Thanks!
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      Here is how I would approach it.
      1.) Craigslist
      2.) Bandit signs
      3.) Rank some YouTube videos for "property management YOUR LOCAL CITY"
      4.) You might could also search craigslist for houses for rent then start cold calling them to see if they need property management.
      Where There is a Willis....There is a WAY!!!
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        I'm going to approach this question as if I were a property owner or investor looking for management.

        I'm sorry, but I would not be looking on craigslist, nor would I be surfing YouTube looking for "property manager MyCity". Bandit signs might work if I were looking to buy property, but not if I were looking for someone to manage those properties.

        On the other hand, I might (highlight "might") look at a well-prepared direct mail piece or phone call.

        But the first thing I would do is contact people I know and ask for recommendations. I'd check with brokers and agents from whom I've bought property, insurance brokers, other investors, etc.

        Switching hats to someone looking for clients with property to manage...

        I'd be networking my ass off. Online, I'd be working LinkedIn connections for introductions, answering questions on their boards, etc. I'd consider doing webinars or conference calls for wannabe investors, both via direct mail and LinkedIn/Facebook groups. If I was going to mess with YouTube, I'd be making videos aimed at investors and wannabe investors, rather than try to get direct inquiries.

        Then there's the usual suspects. Guest posting/syndication on relevant blogs and other pubs. Podcasts. Presentations. Maybe a Udemy course and/or a primer on property management on Kindle/CreateSpace.

        I want to be the local expert on property management for MyTown,

        Back in the mainframe days, they used to say no one ever got fired for recommending IBM. In your market space, you want to be IBM...
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          Gotta echo the "network your ass off" suggestion as the BEST WAY to promote a property management company. (and by promote I assume you mean market?)

          BUT...years ago, when I decided to become a landlord and rent out a home for income, I knew I'd need a property manager because 1) I was going to be living on the other side of the continent from the rental and 2) even if I was close, I don't enjoy repairing things. Just ask my wife. : )

          So the first thing I did was ask the real estate agent who sold me the home about property managers. He of course had his preferred property management co to refer me to.

          But I also googled others and made some calls.

          Had there been a company with a smart video that hit my hot-buttons, it would have at least levelled the playing field with my agent's recommendation.

          So a Youtube video or two or three is NOT a bad idea. While people may not be "surfing YouTube looking for "property manager MyCity", they most likely will be googling it. And a video showing up in the google results sure would set you apart.

          I just googled "property management Winnetka". Not a single video on the first page, and only one on the second page and that was not for a property management service at all but for some apartments for rent.

          Then, I'd bring Facebook - surpriiiise! - into the mix. Lots of great targeted ways to go there.

          Good luck!
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    If most landlords are out of town, make sure you're ranking on Google for your suburbs + property management, rentals, homes for rent, etc. + direct mail & phone if you can find out the owner details for non owner-occupiers. Facebook page with news & management tips, + the odd listing to show you're active in the area + ads targeted at people interested in property investment, maybe location target for locals. Short videos on youtube to show you're the expert with the right keywords in the text. Maybe and ebook - "7 deadly mistakes property investors make", etc.

    Of course, if your business has a sales component, make sure the sales team are trained in referring rentals, and make sure they're well compensated for the referral. e.g. first weeks rent, plus they get the listing next time it sells.

    Tenants can be a great referral source too, if you're looking after them.

    Hope this is useful.
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    If you are trying to promote yourself online, you might find some handy SEO tips for Real Estate Agents I have just published here. I would also make sure you have your Google Places for Business in order.

    I just finished working with a real estate client from California and we optimised his Google Places page. The results have been excellent so far.

    The map results can improve your visibility by quite a chunk, even if your not appearing in the organic results on page one.
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    Another group of people you should market to that no one else has mentioned are Real Estate Networking Groups.

    Do a Google search for "How to invest in real estate."

    This could give you some names of people who teach others how to invest in real estate.

    Those Mentors and their students will all be looking for management companies to manage their investments for them.

    You can also network with

    Mortgage Brokers/Bankers/Loan Officers

    Hard Money Lenders

    Real Estate Laywers

    Inspectors and Appraisers

    Real Estate Agents

    Even some Accountants
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    Its a nice post!! Property management company provides you numerous property listing with different suits of property.
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    To promote your brand, every time you post a rental listing, include your company's name as the property manager in the ad's body. Sounds simple, but relatively few managers are actually doing it.
    buysell-browse.com * Free Classifieds Advertising & Promotion *
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    Yes andersondsilva is right you can go for many property listing sites and can post your ads
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    Depends on how "local' it is. You might want to put up a site and rank it on local Google. It shouldn't be difficult to do that.
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    i would go with visual approach. Videos, pictures , email marketing / campaigns ... People of that business like to see results
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    Market research , go to your competitors pages find out what keywords they are ranking for and how many backlinks they got to get this positioning

    Then Optimize your site for keywords of your choice , ensure it is SEO friendly

    Build backlinks to the site via Articles and Web 2.0

    When all this is in place....

    then go the paid traffic route with retargetting

    I hope this helps
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    Add your business in business listing site for promote your property managmant biz.
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    Well, If you want to promote real estate biz and so you can utilize an ebook.
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