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I watched a webinar / Powerpoint Presentation a few years back where the presenter showed how to start an online business using 100% totally free tools and services.

Free hosting
Free autoresponder
Free email
Free online storage for files

It was based on the "100% Totally Free" concept.

Can anyone help me in finding this source?? Anything of a similar nature that has been presented recently?
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    Don't wast your time, or you will the next warrior to take out a "why did my free hosting company/ar take my site down for no reason" Anything hosted for free can be taken away from you without notice, You don't want to risk your hard work like that
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    BW, you can do some stuff free but i agree with Alex; going the free hosting route is disastrous. When they pull your site, or when your site is down more than it's up, boy will you regret it

    As for social, free is fine. As for blogging, gotta go with a self-hosted WP account if you want to be taken seriously.

    All the best!
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    DON'T Go the FREE route on Hosting/Email Autorepsonders and tools like these.

    You'll be running a business after all.

    Besides once you keep building your email list EVERY single day.


    ...Then the incomes you make from your lists will more than make up for
    the TINY investments you need to make at the beginning.

    I understand your enthusiasm for finding FREE tools but it just isn't
    worth you putting in a TON of time and effort building your business
    only to find one of the sites has been hacked or shut down leaving you

    Invest first - Get the security and peace of mind you deserve.
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    Think long term not short term. Invest in your online business if you really want to become successful in this business. Decide which area in IM you want to invest most time in, is it Affiliate, MLM ... (you decide what you are passionate about), the build your website with a good autoresponder such as AWeber or GetResponse (Free autoresponders won't do any good to your online), then specialize in a traffic source and deliver value to your list so that the sales follow. You will break even eventually and eventually make money so start on the right track straight away and invest!
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      Forget the free stuff. You should easily be able to make some simple life changes to come up with the $30/ Monty you need for the basic tools you need.

      If you smoke cigs --- smoke less
      If you drink your booze -- drink the cheaper booze
      if you eat out -- got to taco bell instead of the steak house
      if you don't eat out -- then eat ramen noodles instead of steak
      if your already eating ramen noodles -- Fast
      Where There is a Willis....There is a WAY!!!
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    Nothing is free now a days, keep that in mind when doing stuff online
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    In this day and age where services are ultra-competitive, going free just doesn't make sense. For example:
    * free autoresponder means ads sent with each email - do you want that?
    * free hosting = unreliable - do you want to risk your business for 5 bucks a month?
    Small investments in your long term prosperity just make sense. It's a business expense - get the best and deliver the best!
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    You can find all of the resources you listed here on the WF, every one of them has been covered in spades. The search function (top right on the navbar) is your friend.
    Remember the old adage though... "cheap no good, good no cheap"

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    If you are setting up Web2.0 site blog with everything for the purpose of providing a backlink to you blog, then it's fine. You can apply for a free account at, or

    IF you are thinking of building a business online with free website and webhosting, then my advice is don't.

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    When you start a serious online business, I would suggest you to kindly beware of free hosting.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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    Everything has a cost of some form. The price of "free" can often be quite high if you invest too much in something you don't own.
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    People pay for a college education. They pay rent when the open up a store. But the think they can build a successful online business without spending money. Sounds strange to me.
    Some things are necessary in this business and if you wanna move your business to the next level than invest a bit in it.
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    As everyone else has already said..It is important that you treat this like a business and invest money where necessary...Free methods can only take you so far...But that's not saying that free methods are useless, like free methods of traffic...but instead of costing you money they do take time to implement

    All the best
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    I would not recommend using a free auto-responder... too much to lose if you get lots of subscribers and not worth risking it. If you want a free way to auto-respond to people who respond to your ads or blog posts, set up a yahoo e-mail or gmail account and set up a "vacation response" that will answer them automatically, and give them another link which you want them to go to. Of course, that would not be a way to send out different messages 3 times a week, twice a week, or whatever, like a true auto-responder would do...

    For anyone who can not afford less than 10 bucks to get a domain name for 1 year from NameCheap and less than 10 bucks a month for hosting from HawkHost or other provider, I would recommend setting up a free blog using Weebly, TypePad, LiveJournal or

    I have some free blogs on Weebly that I created 5 years ago... and they still exist today.

    I would NOT recommend creating free blogs on Blogger (blogspot)... I have lost so many of those that I have lost count
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      I have to agree with everything said so far. Free isn't free, reliable or what you want to portray as a professional marketer. Think of your own image in the eyes of a potential customer. If you look cheap, it doesn't matter how good your products are, they'll be thought of as cheap too.

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    - Pay for your webhosting and domain
    - Business email ( usually comes with the above
    - Use Dropbox for free file storage
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    The "free" is high risk for any online business.

    e.g: If you successful generate 100,000 visitors/mo and make $x,xxx/mo from a free blogspot then your account hacked or get deleted accidentally, you lose all!

    None want to concern about it because you use the "free".
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    Dont even use free AR. You are playing fire with it!
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    No way FREE is just PAID spelt backwards (Don't try and see what I did there cause there's nothing )

    You cannot play around with autoresponders especially. They are the foundation of your business. If something goes wrong and they decide to take it away you'll have to start again from scratch.
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    if the service is free, you are the service....
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    Free is free for a reason, usually you end up with your blog/emails/capture pages covered with branding for the other company. Getting your own blog set up really only costs a few dollars a month, I think it's a sound investment.
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    they are probably out of business by now if they were giving everything away free, companies need money to operate
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    Well, nothing is really free.

    Using a free web host puts in a position to lose your entire site because the new owner decides to stop offering the service next week and will delete everything on the server for his new venture.

    Using free email is cool for personal stuff, but it kills the trust that your potential customers might have in your product recommendations.

    Free autoresponders often have a ads at the bottom of the message that distract from your message. It also looks very unprofessional for your subscribers to join your list to learn about Gardening, for example, and see ads at the bottom of your autoresponder for **** Berry weightloss juice.

    You can get cheap web hosting from Go Daddy, and establish a professional looking email address. Aweber and Getresponse have free 30-day trials.

    You can get started for under $50 and if you don't have $50, you should wait until you're in a better financial situation.

    Uncle C. J.
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    If you are just playing at online money making you can get by via free services like blogger, squidoo, gmail, etc. If you are serious about starting an online business then you're doing just that, starting a real business, and you need to support that business with quality infrastructure i.e. quality paid for services.

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    Originally Posted by buzzword View Post

    Free hosting
    Free autoresponder
    Free email

    Free online storage for files
    These 3 alone would turn me off to this idea. Pony up the cheap money to launch a "real" business with reputable vendors, and hit the block with your marketing.
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    I attended a webinar like that, and at the end the person was "selling" his free quality resources. There are some good quality free services out there but the majority are not worth trusting. They used the word Freemium. You can Google it and see what you can find, but still tread with caution.

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      Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

      ... and the product was not free, right?

      All the free stuff is just a nice marketing angle.

      You either pay with money or you pay with time.
      LOL. I love your "Free" signature image, HP!
      And of course you're right!

      Originally Posted by Caden View Post

      I attended a webinar like that, and at the end the person was "selling" his free quality resources. There are some good quality free services out there but the majority are not worth trusting. They used the word Freemium. You can Google it and see what you can find, but still tread with caution.
      I remember that webinar too. And the product to guide you to the "free" services was definitely not free - and as far as I remember, it wasn't cheap either! It's all bait and switch.

      One of my clients wanted help with her website, which she started on a "Free" service. By the time she was done, she had a monthly bill several times as much as what you'd pay for a self-hosted WordPress blog - with a LOT less functionality!

      Don't even think about free hosting - and especially not about free autoresponders. You'll live to regret it.

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