What services can i offer real estate agent

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Please what services can i offer real estate agent as an internet markets.I know i could offer them website design and seo, i just want to make sure i cover everything
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    Are you talking about only online services?
    You could offer posting on craig's list. You could help them with list management.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    it is unnecessary to cover everything. focus on one thing at a time. however, it is not easy to sell to real estate and legal guys, at least it is true accoring to my experience. they usually want to see the results immediately, not long term. so, focus on how much profit you can bring it back to them in a short time period.

    good luck

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    You should start by offering a good online presence (website) and a plan for SEO. But more important is list management and building a relationship with their leads... if you can help them in that area ( by using an auto responder e.g.) , I am sure they will value your services very much.
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    I have a affiliate program for Realtors. I am a Realtor and internet marketer. I have a site that features the 50 NAR speakers and agents. It is a membership that has a $197 a year price and a 25% affiliate commission. It's doing pretty good. I need help on getting the word out so I can focus on more content creation. let me know if you have any questions.
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    There's a number of options for real estate.

    One option is setting up social network marketing accounts for them, such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin...
    You can set up "tweets" like.....open house announcements, new listing announcements, price reduction notices, or even entice people to get a free report & join their mailing / email list. Many people have it set where they get Twitter updates on their cell phones...

    Real estate is hurting these days....they will look at all options to keep & locate business.

    Good Luck,
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      I have thought about doing this too, but it just isn't worth my time right now, but I could see it as a full time business for new warriors.

      VIDEO tours of listings - featuring the agent and adding a blog to their existing website. Most agents have websites already, and a lot of them are hooked into the MLS service, sou you wouldn't really want to cut into that service but the problem is they are still competing with EVERYONE else.

      You could approach agents 1on1 and tell them you can get them more traffic by featuring them in video tours of thier listings (you need a vidcam and something like iMovie) and then start posting those videos on a blogspot (or dedicated blog) for them. Offer keyword research/SEO based on LOCAL area searches and post thier videos on youtube as well.

      Most competitive agents I know have sizeable egos, and you can easily sell them a combined service by going out to every listing they get and making a tour/commercial for them. Even agents that currently have some video, do NOT feature themselves, and thier ads remain a still image which has NO personality.

      Easily this is a full time local business opportunity for new warriors.
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        Shelly, set up an autoresponder service for them, get home searchers to sign up to it and send out alerts of new homes coming on the market. The possibilities are enormous.

        For some more great ideas, head over to LocalBizBuilders - Powered by vBulletin where you'll find loads of great like minded people too.

        All the best

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          You have the seeds of a great offer so far.

          Especially in today's market, a real estate agent needs three things:

          A list of sellers.

          A list of buyers (this could include fellow agents).

          An easy way to communicate with both lists.

          Video is hot. Interview the agent to find out the hot buttons for his typical buyer. (Is it granite in the kitchen? A big fenced yard? An ensuite attached to the master bedroom? Whatever is important in that local market.)

          Make 'guerilla-style' videos of the various listings, as if you were making the video for your partner who couldn't come with you. Shoot the local neighborhood, the outside of the property, the various features as you walk through (keeping that list in mind). Write a good, keyword optimized description and upload it to YouTube.

          Use your buyer list and social sites to announce the video.

          As was mentioned, use Twitter and a blog to announce new listings, open houses, etc. Make sure to announce successes, too, so potential sellers see that the agent (using your system) gets results.

          The bottom line is that your prospective real estate agent probably has zero interest in buying "services" from you. Improved business performance, higher profits, less work, higher profile (that ego thing), lower ad costs - all a huge yes. Services, no.

          Which of those benefits is the one that pulls his trigger? Who knows? All you can do is talk to him about his business and what he wants to achieve, and propose ideas until one of them hits a hot button...
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    The way real estate markets are crashing in some areas
    you could always offer Dr. Kevorkian gift certificates...

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    One Note on video...

    I've worked with LOTS of real estate agents on various
    projects over the years. If you propose video with them
    as the 'talent' you better be in firm control of production.

    You'd think that because agents are salespeople they'd
    have the type of personality that would be well suited to

    In most cases you'd be dead wrong.

    And, that's true of most people... not just real estate agents.

    They just don't have the kind of experience that allows them
    to translate personality to video. They will almost always be very

    You don't want your future tied to the results you'll get from a boring video.

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    Press releases, real estate agents are just now starting to use them but it helps them get their name out there and sets up possible tv/radio/magazine interviews about the real estate market.
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      Autoresponders definitely. Also create mini-courses for home buyers and home sellers. The home seller course will show sellers how to best present there homes for sale. The home buyers course would take potential buyers through the entire purchase process as well as address any credit issues.
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    Having spent many years as a Realtor myself, I also agree that autoresponders, including a series of email messages or reports, would be a good addition to your product line. Successful agents are almost always very short on time and would appreciate having client contact handled automatically.

    Also, I noticed that much of the discussion thus far, has been related to helping brokers/agents sell more houses. There's nothing wrong with that. However, except for the few agents who focus almost exclusively on "buyer's agency", the real "hot button" (aside from their ego,...good point Marty) is going to be an automatic system that brings them more qualified leads for acquiring new listings.

    Brokers have a saying, "The one who controls the listing inventory, controls the market." It's probably not entirely true, but it certainly sheds some light on their perspective. Focus your presentation on generating more/better listings and I guarantee you'll have their attention.

    Best wishes with your venture.


    Real Estate Auctions

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    if you are trying to take them on as a full service client, help them with offline promotion too via the newspaper and direct mailings.
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      I strongly recommend that you apply the skills you already have to helping the real estate agent get more listings and sales.

      There are so many ways to help a real estate agent that trying to do all of them would be plain ridiculous and require a huge team of marketers:

      online video (a new video for every property....videos to educate on why they should list with the agent, SEO optimized videos etc etc)
      ebay listings
      Craigslist ads
      online classifieds
      online press releases
      offline press releases
      lead generating reports, audio and video delivered online and offline
      interactive website
      pay per click
      social networking
      online referral systems
      etc etc etc.

      Start with what you know.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    Wow, thanks guy, you are the best, I have more confidence now than ever. I really gained a lot. Thanks again

    I will offer them internet marketing solution that will gain them more listing and more buyers like
    1. Video marketing
    2.Social network marketing - facebook, twitter, myspace etc
    3. Relationship marketing - eflyer, epostcard
    4. Drip email marketing
    5. Report
    6. Classified ad marketing- craiglist, gumtree

    Thanks a lot again, if any body is offering this services for realtor, please how much will you charge?
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