Best Traffic Source for Clicksure products?

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Looking to start promoting a couple of clicksure products, that have high payouts, but wondering what traffic source i should use?
Should i go with ppc, like fb and adwords, or media buying or PPV like traffic vance etc?

Thank you
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    That's the big key isn't it.



    One of my favorite teachers once said "Find the TRAFFIC SOURCE first, THEN find the offer".

    I couldn't agree more.

    The fact is that traffic is infinitely more important than you're offer.

    As far as your particular situation... I would say that they're all very feasible.

    What I would personally do... First and foremost is BUILD AN AWESOME FUNNEL promoting whatever offer you decide.

    Then, learn to master ONE TRAFFIC SOURCE at a time.

    Imagine if Babe Ruth tried to play basketball, boxing, and cricket IN ADDITION to baseball simultaneously.

    Do you think he would have even a MINUTE FRACTION of his success?

    My hypothesis is NO.

    So, what to do? - Learn ONE traffic source. Master it.

    Then, when it comes second nature? THEN move on to the next.

    PS: One more word of advice...

    It doesn't matter WHERE you start.

    Facebook PPC is hot right now... But just because something's hot doesn't mean it's the only dog in town.

    Start small. Test. Collect data.

    Hope this helps.
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