can you do a backwards who is look-up on a trademark for domains?

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My competitor bought a ton of domains containing my trademark. He is currently squatting on them. They already own a website that slanders my company and I am not sure engaging them to request purchasing the domains will go anywhere productive.

I would like to expand my business and have plans for several other websites but every single domain I can think of that contains my trademark has been registered by them.

I wrote the registrar who says I must file a UDRP with ICANN and other than that they will not do anything. This costs I think $1300

I am willing to pay that, but the UDRP requires I must list every domain they have registered that is in violation. While I can do a search on each domain I can think of, I would really like to do a backwards domain search so I can get a full list and I haven't found a tool that does that. Are there any free tools where I can search his name and info or some information like "contains trademark X" to find all the domains that he registered with my trademark?

I requested a full list from the registrar (the info is not privately registered, it is public) and they refuse to help me.

They registered more than 10 variations on my trademark so this is really tedious to think of something and look it up. I am concerned I will have paid to file it and then find out about more later and I wont be able to do anything other than pay to file again.

Any ideas are welcome!
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  • Tools like this may be able to help you:

    Reverse Whois Lookup | Domain Ownership Search | DomainTools

    They have a free trial.
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      Originally Posted by stoltingmediagroup View Post

      Tools like this may be able to help you:

      Reverse Whois Lookup | Domain Ownership Search | DomainTools

      They have a free trial.
      Yep, this is what I was about to recommend. If you want to do a poor man's version but probably with not full results. This will give you some providing they are not using privacy is to ...

      Google ... "Owners Name" or "Phone Number" or "Street Address"

      Maybe you get lucky and that person has a private server with all his domains on. If that is the case you could find out the ip address of one domain. (ping Then use Bing to find other domains on the same ip.
      It will give a list of the domains. Simply type ip:theaddresshere in Bing. You could even add a keyword that might narrow it down if it's on a shared box.

      Or use EWhois - Enhanced Whois Lookup to do reverse look ups also. Plus it gives you "Google AdSense ID" associated with the domain or any other domain name. This is useful if the person is using Adsense across his sites.

      Back in the day it was easier. Just go to Network Solutions and it was all there to search. These are just some tips off the top of my head. I hope this helps. Best of luck.
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