How Does Content Distribution Helps You Get Traffic???

by slopez
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Hello guys,
I know that instead of just giving an article(s) to article directories you can do content distribution.
The only two ways I know to do content distribution is with blogs and giving your content to big ranking pages. But....
How does content distribution work?? :confused:
I mean, how do you give them your content?
can I give the same article to different blogs or sites without any content rules?
Do they have unique content rules like ezinearticles for example???
I've written a really good article myself, but I want to get things clear first before I give it to an article directory or do the content distribution with it.
Guys, as you may have noticed I'm new at this and I will always appreciate all of your help to succeed in online business.
Thank you in advance.
Wish you Great success.
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    It's a generally accepted standard for publishers to consider an unsolicited article through a query. This is a short introduction of yourself, qualifications, previous published articles (or link to a portfolio), and the full article intended for publication.

    You are almost always given a byline including your url and a brief self-serving ad (or "resource box") at the end of the article. Sometimes publishers may pay for an article, but usually your "payment" is exposure to the publication readership audience.

    For any given commercially viable niche, there may be thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of suitable publications for content distribution or article syndication. This marketing method has virtually unlimited scalability for driving massive laser-targeted traffic directly to your funnel system.
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        Originally Posted by Complex View Post

        Offline publications have been condensing and consolidating for the last 2 or 3 decades. No niche has hundreds of thousands of publications. Anyone with genuine experience in print knows this. You might as well have said a bajillion. It would be just as believable. What do you get psychologically out of this fake persona you've created here? For most niches there are at most a few dozen players that are worth anything. And for the most part its pay to play. As someone with genuine experience with print, you sound like a phony. Go post in the copywriting section. They'll spot the tell tale signs of a faker in a moment. At least the ones who use print and mailing lists will.
        Well, excuse me, but perhaps you should give online searching a go instead of whining about how tough it is to find more than "a few dozen players" in print. Even a simple keyword search alone brings up virtually inexhaustible possibilities for publication outlets. :rolleyes:

        As I have mentioned often, another excellent resource for finding online/offline publications looking for quality content is Writers' Market. Consider also submitting niche-relevant articles to publications on Newspapers, consumer popular interest magazines, trade association journals, corporate newsletters, professional journals, etc all generally have print editions as well as online components.

        In best marketing practices as has been covered in previous posts regarding article syndication, it really is not even necessary to have an inordinate number of online/offline publications per niche that are regularly accepting your articles for syndication.

        However, in diametric contrast with almost any other form of traffic generation, the most hotly competitive niches offer more publications and commensurately much greater opportunities for laser-targeting your prospects using this time-proven marketing model.

        Pee Es: Here's my post in the Copywriting Forum: :p
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          I can't thank you guys enough for all of your help.
          All of this information gives me a more understanding of what to do with your articles
          I didn't even know about the there was an article syndication thing until now.
          I knew I would find very helpful information here before publishing my hard worked article I wrote.
          Again, thank you guys so much.
          You are the best.
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    The way I do it is to attract a targeted audience on FB and other social media site, and create great content people will like and share.

    Then just a simple cal to action to check out my page at the end, get's me a ton of leads.
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    Some bloggers will accept syndicated content and post even though it's already posted on your site or elsewhere.

    You can also syndicate and share to sites like Reddit, Inbound, Kingged, InsideIM, Digg, Affposts, AllTop, Technorati, Scoop It, Flip Board and so on.
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    You can further syndicate your article in 2 ways to slideshare: 1 you can convert it to a pdf (with active links) for free using Print Friendly & PDF

    2nd you can convert your article to a powerpoint presentation and submit to slideshare - a massive authority site with traffic actually looking for specific information.

    From there, you can share you slideshare content to your linkedin network, and further promote it to facebook, etc. Very effective way of getting the most out of one article.
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    I think it will be best to write about a topic you are passionate about or have a solution to most people's common problems.

    Let's say for example, you like holiday vacations and been travelling frequently to countries around the world.

    You can blog daily on your travel experiences, the food, people, culture etc.

    You can even set up a navigation with Wordpress categories like Asia, Europe, Middle East, America and Oceania as pages.

    Or if you are a food lover like in my case where my country Singapore is a food paradise, you can set up a food blog recommending different dishes and recipes to teach others how to cook their own versions.

    Or you can blog about best tips to excel in job interviews to get the job you want. I think this info will be very helpful for those wanting to get a job but could not get it.

    Or dating tips.

    With that said, if you can write something you are passionate about that others are passionate about and willing to spend or have a solution to what people need desperately for their problem, you do not need to worry about content distribution.

    By the way, you do not have to go or sign up at Clickbank for all affiliate programs.

    Just Google say like travel affiliate programs, cooking affiliate programs or job interview tips affiliate programs.

    But those are just my suggestions.

    You may choose to agree or disagree.
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    You can do so much with an article. One article on a website can bring in so much traffic really quickly. After I write an article, I first do this.

    Convert into a video.
    Convert into a PDF

    Then, submit the article to your social network pages,
    Submit your video to vimeo and youtube,
    Aubmit your PDF to places like scribd and others.

    You can bring 20 visitors a day per each article on your website if you get this right, after some practice.

    You can never underestimate social media for surprise bursts of traffic. Once one random person shared a facebook post with a link to an article of mine, and then it got shared by 10 others. This was after that post had been "Dormant" for over 2 months. Ended up with 400 visitors from one person sharing my post again.

    Moral, do everything you can to promote articles, and eventually it's going to pay off nicely.
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