i want to build email list

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i want to build email list subscribers, i wanna buy this service, but i don't know where to buy this service?
Can you advise me ?
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    It depends on what you refer to.

    You can of course buy mailing list from data mining companies. It's legit, but often not welcomed. They can charge anything from $100 per million emails to $500 for 1000 emails. It depends on the niche and the company. Google for "buy mailing lists".

    If you are talking about building up your own list, where your users sign up with themselves, then that it going to take a while.
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    There are many ways to build an email list, but from your words, I think you are inclined to build email list by buying traffic.There are a few ways to do this,you can buy solo ads, buying facebook traffic, PPC traffic etc but you must know where is your audience is hanging out.
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    I'd advise you to start your own mailing list. That means the people who join it trust you already and are more likely going to purchase products from you if you recommend them. It doesn't cost a lot anyway. Aweber starts off at $1 for a month and then $19 for every month after that for 500 subscribers. It's up to you to find out how you want to go about making money from them.
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    Originally Posted by Martinsee View Post

    i want to build email list subscribers, i wanna buy this service, but i don't know where to buy this service?
    Can you advise me ?
    I would recommend setting up an autoresponder (aweber, getresponse...) and start buying solo-ads.
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    Not sure what you mean, but you may need to buy things like aweber, solo ads (for getting traffic) and build optin page.
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    If you want to start to build a list you need to buy an autoresponder. I recommend you aweber. Follow aweber step by step to build your box. And then you can get traffic for free (but is much difficult) so the better to get traffic to your squeeze page is by buying traffic.
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    Tools needed: autoresponder, squeeze page, traffic to squeeze page, product of value to provide as incentive for sign up.

    Best tool, depending on your experience level? Some sort of course on list building. There are plenty available in the WSO section.
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    You can buy lists as stated by one commenter but that is not necessarily the best way to go because you have no relationship with the subscribers and you may not know how they got on the list. You also need to know if they are in your niche. A friend of mine bought a list of 7,000 for $700 but the list has not turned out to be very responsive. Best to build your own list even though it takes more time.
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    Hi - To build an email list is always a good idea and important.
    Do build a list you need to set up an autoresponder - like aweber, getresponse, ...
    But first you need to have at least a squeeze page with an opt-in form. You need to connect this form with your autoresponder. Then you are able to craft follow up emails. With your autoresponder you can then automatically send out your emails every other day.

    But don`t forget to build a realtionship with your audience. It does not make sense to buy email lists for example, which are not related to the needs and problems of your customers.
    Nobody wants to be sold to - but everyone wants to buy - a quote i learned in my years online, and true it is.
    So please put a lot of thought into your actions - then you will be rewardet for your hard work.
    All the best to you.
    IM Richard Trummer - Check out my challenge from IM zero to hero on http://richardtrummer.com/
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    Don't buy emails- they are junk. I think as Mark says above get those basic tools and start driving traffic. I recommend starting with one paid form (FB ads?) and one unpaid (social media? blogging). Make up a nice free or one dollar opening offer and when people land on your list, offer them massive value.
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    You shouldn't buy leads. Generate them yourself. Learn good marketing. I dont know.... you looking for a "co-registration" signup deal?

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    To build a list from scratch, you need to generate traffic toward to a list.
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    The first thing you need to figure out is whether you want to PURCHASE leads, or generate your own.

    I'm not sure if you've made up your mind...

    However I would absolutely recommend generating your own.

    They'll be worth a lot more money... Because they KNOW who you are.

    And they're HAND PICKED to your preference, not some vendor of data.


    Also, you will actually know for a fact that you have LEGAL permission to email them, which is hugely peaceful.

    That being said, if you want to start generating your own leads?

    All you really need to do is configure a lead capture page, and start driving traffic.

    Seems simple right? Well never forget that email marketing and list building are both art AND science - so it might take more work than you originally figure.

    And, you should never stop learning.

    But congrats - your journey starts here.
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    I tried using an email list that I got of the internet a few years ago.It does not work.These are not targeted buyers to a particular niche.Jus random emails.I say,build your own list,Which I am starting to learn to do right now.
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