$1000 to get started, need advice for milk

by rr1958
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I've been futzing around trying to make enough money at the end of a month to buy gallon of milk. My goals are simple, a gallon of milk, a car payment, a mortgage payment, quit my job. That is the logical progression. Here's the deal: for 3 years have I've tried many different WSO's, but I've continually allowed outside distractions to move me off task. This is going to be my year and I'm clear of distractions.

So my question is this. If you had $1000 to start from scratch and you wanted to get started with IM, local marketing etc., how would you start? What would you do? I'm looking for guidance from the experts.

I'm an educator and a quick study. I have some experience with using Press releases to rank for the short term, would this be a good place to begin? Is Press release marketing still a viable option for selling services?
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