Anyone ever use a Fiverr 'hand out flyers' gig?

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I'm still fresh to this IM world, though I've been in marketing/business ownership for over 20 years. My main business is based online, but it has a lot of offline components to it (displaying services at trade shows, inspecting new products, etc), and one thing I've learned is that even trying to be strictly online, having a one-to-one or actual physical contact helps a great deal. Which brings me to the subject line question. Has anyone had success in hiring a Fiverr guy/gal to hand out flyers?

I've seen them from 50 to a couple hundred, from NYC to San Fran, and of course they all offer proof of delivery (photo of them handing out, photo of flyer stapled to telephone pole, etc.) Some of what I'm getting into now in IM might work really well with flyers handed out on a college campus, or busy shopping center, and so on.

Any insight/experience? I've had some successes with purchasing Fiverr gigs (logos, voice overs), and some not so successes (lousy rewriting of copy, junk PLR). I know $5 only buys so much...

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    I have tried a few of those "handing out flyers" gigs on Fiverr... and did not get any traffic at all to my blog from them. I suppose you might get lucky and find a gig or 2 that might get some results though.

    I use gigs on Fiverr for other things that actually get results, like video creation, video distribution, manual bookmarking gigs, etc.
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    After buying a WSO about it, I bought several flyer gigs a few years ago for handing out flyers in colleges, but it didn't result in any conversions. I even wasted about $33 hiring someone from Freelancer to hand some flyers out, but no conversions.

    The cpa offer was for a free iPad so maybe it wasn't a good offer choice as most people know that there are many requirements to get a free iPad. Such flyers might be better for promoting something like scholarship offers.

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    I had tried a couple of flyer services when I dabbled in CPA but did not have a high level of confidence that I was getting what I paid for. As a regular Fiverr user, I now limit myself to tangible things that are sent to me like Logo or header work.
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