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Hi mates. I have an e-commerce website but my
merchant account provider keeps declining cards. It
even declined my own card. When I contacted my
merchant account provider, they said I should
contact my bank. This is quite ridiculous. Am a UK
resident. Hey Warriors, can you help with a good
merchant account which is stress free. I mean I don't
need to be asked for business registration before
opening the merchant account because its only
online softwares am selling. Plus I should be able to
withdraw daily or weekly with the merchant account.
Thanks All.
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    Have you considered, and How about Paypal & Clickbank?
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    Warriorplus seem to like "Swipe" so maybe check that out?
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      Thanks for the answers. But the merchant account providers I have checked do not pay weekly or daily. I need more offers. Thanks
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    I have used two merchant accounts in the past. They both paid daily about 5 days after payments were taken. One was HSBC inhouse merchant account, and the other a company called Elavon.

    You would need to be doing a decent turnover to use these as the monthly charges are high and need to be spread across many transactions to be worthwhile. But high charges in this case does bring reliability.

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    Nochex offer a merchant account for UK residents. (not an affiiliate link).
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      We use Streamline (part of NatWest) and haven't had any issues with them, payments end up in your bank account the following day.

      I'm a director of D9 Hosting
      The only host in the world to offer a 1 Click DLGuard installation feature from within the cPanel.
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    I still need more help. I have not gotten a suitable service. Thanks.
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    We can provide processing services for international merchants. Please add AuruminterCC on Skype!
    US-based design, development, marketing, branding, printing, and all other business services.
    High-risk payment processing for pharma, e-cigs, seeds, and more!
    Accepting investment management clients. Minimum deposit is $3000.
    Skype/AIM: artizhay
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