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Not sure which button to use as i don't know which one is more effective than the other. The Paypal "Buy Now" or "Add To Cart"

Which one would be the better choice?
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    Do you sell more than one product? Is it likely that they purchase more than one product? If not then use Buy Now it is a better call to action.

    Anne L
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      A WHILE ago, someone showed in split tests that "Add to cart" seemed to convert better. But that may depend on the audience.

      You could test it by setting up similar sites where one of them has the Add to cart button and the other one has the Buy Now button... Or just set up a split testing site that switches them back and forth.

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    If you have more than one product, then yes you would need to use an 'Add to cart'.

    But if you are talking of a single product, on a sales page, then I ALWAYS use the 'Buy Now' or 'Get Instant Access' button - which then goes straight to Paypal.

    I used to use the add to cart button, which would take my visitor to another page with the item in a cart - then with another button 'Pay now' which then took them to Paypal.

    During an initial test I did, the abandon cart rate was substantially higher than the direct payment button.

    For me, it is about the simplest payment process there can be. The less steps there is to complete checkout, the higher number of completions.

    Big companies, such as Amazon and eBay, now have this process, where a few years ago (or more recently in eBays case), the payment process was longer, with more opportunity for people to abandon.
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    Not a long ago someone did a test with both buttons and his result was that the Add to cart button converts better than Buy Now. I don't know if it will be similar to all websites but you can try and do the same as him to see what works better for you.
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    I currently have "add to cart". Seems to work well. Test and see. Send a bunch of targeted traffic to your site and test both buttons.
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