So lets say you are working on a new APP invention

by sdlive
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u finished the index page etc etc. not that u dont want ur idea to be public until u release the app officially.

Who would you show the design to first? Family members? friends?

ive tried
1. friends.. result = some feedback here and there. Then they don't follow up on "oh hey, hows the app progressing"

2. Family member = ofcrouse they gona like the idea (just as i thought). I even asked my 11 year old niece for feedback to see if she can understand the front page/header part. lol

3. Outside?... really can't..

So, how would u guys go about this?
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    I would try to ask "honest friends, family members, peers, collegues, neighbors, church members, co-workers ect ect people really close to your social circle who will give you "honest feedback". You can create a survey where they can be anonymous and offer there opinions. Just make up a few questions on a form have them fill it out and then collect it in a drop box or envelope or something. Or if you do it at work they can drop it in your employee mailbox.
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