Struggling to get more followers on twitter

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I have had an account for 3 months and now have 1620 followers. I am struggling to get any more followers.

can you give me some ideas or strategies on expanding the number of my followers?
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    I'd say, follow all those 1620 followers back. This way more people will follow you.
    Alot of people sometimes feel its rude to get followed and not get followed back.

    Use this tool, it's a one time payment of $5 and will allow u to follow back 1000 people a day. SocialToo - Your Companion to the Social Web!

    But, providing your followers are not spammers, budding porn stars, people selling rubbish then this is ok.

    Just an idea.

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    Another tool you might consider is It's a free account and basically what you do is put in keywords matching your interests and follow people that have similar interests so that you can interact with them.
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    Originally Posted by alexei_aus View Post

    I have had an account for 3 months and now have 1620 followers. I am struggling to get any more followers.

    can you give me some ideas or strategies on expanding the number of my followers?

    Twitter users somehow follow people base on one theory. People tend to follow people with same interest so that they can get more info regarding the interest.

    I would suggest you to use some twitter application that allow you to auto follow people with same interest. By doing that, they will follow you back. From my research, 50% percent of the twitter users will follow you back if you follow them 1st.

    1 humble suggestion here.. Use twitrobot. There are also many application out there. Try to search it using google like tweetlater, twollo etc.

    Hope that this can help you up...
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    Yes, make sure you follow them back as it is the polite etiquette.

    Also, try which is a free tool to identify people who are in the same field or have the same interest. You can pick someone with a big following and follow all their followers with one click. Quite cool.
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      The first step is to understand that your Twitter profile is like any other website. You should treat it no differently from your own blog or a free opt-in newsletter. This means that if you want to increase your Twitter subscriber base, you just need to do one thing again and again: Drive web traffic to your profile. The more targeted the traffic, the better.

      Here are just some examples of traffic-driving strategies (there are many more):
      1. Create a tool/application and promote your profile alongside it.
      2. Buy a banner ad to target tech-savvy audiences, link it to your profile.
      3. Use Twitter as a tool for tech/customer support.
      4. Organize a contest through your Twitter profile
      5. Include links to your profile in email/forum signatures.
      6. Evangelize Twitter on your blog/other blogs and include a link to your profile.
      7. Connect your blog and other social media profiles to your Twitter page.
      8. Learn to pitch Twitter influencers with articles relevant to their interest
      9. Explicitly ask another user to recommend your profile or exchange recommendations.
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    i think i can help you with that....try review my squidoo page for suggestion of which method you prefer to add up your twitter follower. Hope it will benefits you.
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    check out tweetdeck they recently came out with v0.30 which includes a prospect directory..

    To your success!

    Omar Diaz
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    Follow more people
    Update tweets daily very often - Write attractive tweets.
    Make sure your tweet contains searching terms. For an example if a user search for "Xxxxxxxx", make sure your tweet will be there on the results. So, be very active + add more tweets + follow more to get more FOLLOWERS.
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