who else is having this same issue

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Hi all

Thought I would see what everyone else feels about this as I'm sure I am not the only one in this situation.

Optimize press has been around for a long time as we know and they launched their updated software I think it was middle part of last year (version 2.0 or something)

I have been using the first version for a few years and it is plenty good enough for what I need it for and it's easy to use too. I have also tried the new version but it was pretty terrible very clunky and all.

Optimize press have apparently said that they are no longer releasing updates for their version 1 and now a lot of the features seem to of stopped working as well in the dash board.

They are basically saying either upgrade to their new version and pay $97 or don't use optimize press but for anyone that is more than happy to stick with the first version it seems they have no option. This doesn't seem fair for all of their loyal customers that have been around for a long time that are just happy using the first version.

Is anyone else in this same situation?


Paul :-)
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    Really glad I never bought it. That's terrible customer support for people who have bought your product.
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      These guys supported the product for YEARS without charging for support or updates to version 1.

      Now, with new technology, comes a new platform that was built from scratch.

      I can't see how they could keep supporting old technology with no end in sight. They are no longer selling the old version and have given people close to a year to upgrade.

      They also offered existing customers a large discount when they upgraded to OP2.

      Look at what Microsoft did with XP. At some point you really have to say enough already, upgrade your software.
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    So you bought it at the middle of last year and already they will not update it for you? Sounds kind of bad that!

    I see a lot of marketers pushing optimise press, and I can see how useful it can be, but I am sort of glad that I havn't purchase it.
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