Health and Wellness Niche.. What do you think?

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My reason for embarking on this internet marketing journey is to try to find an effective way to boost my health and wellness clinic.

Was wondering if anyone has had any experience in this niche? What type of IM did you do?

If not, what do you think would be an effective way to boost local/national traffic to my website and what products could I sell?

Just a disclaimer, I am a newbie, so if you are responding with acronyms, could you please spell it out so I may understand and learn? (Btw, what does OTO mean?.. I read it on a thread about providing affliates with commissions.. 50% on OTO was the phrased used)

Thanks for your input!
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    OTO means One Time Offer, and I hate acronyms myself


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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      An "oto" is a one time offer or upsell. You are getting the chance to purchase another product which should be complementary to the Front End(main one).

      Look, Front End ---> Oto/Upsell.

      Health and wellness are huge, evergreen markets. My suggestion is to try to target something specific. For example, what do you do exactly? Chiropractic?

      Well, heres your solution; Youtube.

      Create videos of you implementing chiropractic techniques/massages whatever to your patients and film everything you do. This way you can bring lots and lots of visitors each day to your clinic.

      For example, one video can be; "locked knee fixed - chiropractic case..etc.. etc.. (insert the name of your clinic in the title)

      ...then in the description you can say;

      "John came to us completely unable to extend his knee. After two specific adjustments(from name of your clinic) within 30 minutes he walked out pain free! Watch how now!

      Brand each video with the name of your clinic when you put it up online.

      You see? Simple.

      You need ideas, brainstorm.

      Good luck
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    You're in a massively popular niche. Before you begin any formal research, I'd suggest defining your particular product/service as specifically as you can, then doing the same for your target market (demographics, buying patterns, needs and wants).
    Until you get those done, you could waste a lot of time looking at things that may or not apply to your particular situation.
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    You're in a massively popular niche. Before you begin any formal research, I'd suggest defining your particular product/service as specifically as you can, then doing the same for your target market (demographics, buying patterns, needs and wants).
    Until you get those done, you could waste a lot of time looking at things that may or not apply to your particular situation.
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    My reason for embarking on this internet marketing journey is to try to find an effective way to boost my health and wellness clinic.
    So you are looking to help your brick and mortar business and not sell affiliate products, right?

    If so - look in your other thread. I made a recommendation that I know works well for actual business promotion.
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    The health and wellness niche is one of the most competitive that you could hope to start with.

    You can pretty much forget "weight loss" and "cellulite" and all that, the competition is just too great. You need to define your sub-niche very carefully and drill down to a very specific topic.

    Define your ideal customer and seek to provide a very specific solution you have to a very pressing problem that they have.

    Need a Simple Product/Service to Market to Offline Clients? Sell Them DFY Custom Videos.

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    i would say, if you are new don't start in the most highly targeted niche, as the competition will be so hard, you will feel demotivated fast.
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      I have the feeling that you're interested in two things:

      1) Get more clients (and visibility) and
      2) Make extra income by selling products

      Those are two different endeavors. You'll get your clients mostly locally, and you'll find that it's actually easier to rank well for local stuff.

      About products...

      The most important thing is to make sure that the products you promote (if they're not your own) are REALLY good and that you can totally stand behind them. If you don't do that, you can undermine your credibility.

      Of course, this is also true for your own products. And since you're a chiro, you may want to look into creating your own products as well - and/or offer things like webinars, teleseminars, and a coaching program.

      Good luck!

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        You're coming at this bass-ackwards. Instead of looking at what you can sell in the health and wellness "niche", look for groups of people you can serve and what problems they have that you can address.

        Here's a freebie...

        While researching another topic, I found that many tournament anglers suffer from back pain due to the unsteady platform and pounding from rough water. Many of them admitted that they went to a chiropractor regularly. What other groups might suffer from similar environments?

        Don't chase niches or products. Look for groups of people with similar problems for which you have a solution. Then present them with an offer for that solution. For some, it might be an office visit. For others, and exercise video or such.
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    Wow, great suggestions from all of you! Thank you very much.

    I agree the health and wellness space is very competitive. Locally, I would stand more of a chance. Internet.. I have a much bigger learning curve for sure.

    As I mentioned, my goal was to learn internet marketing to boost my local presence in hopes of driving foot traffic in my brick and mortar. I hope to learn the fundamentals of internet marketing in the process to apply to other opportunities along the way. I am open to selling products (...thinking about mastering this internet marketing stuff and making a coaching program to sell to other interested chiros who would want to boost their foot traffic.. ).

    Also, just for clarification, I'm not looking to make profit by doing all the technical aspects of IM myself... I want to get the knowledge and hire to create a business with skilled staff. That being said, what are the key systems that must be created to have a IM business?

    Thanks as always!
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    Hi...Welcome to our forum !

    I am not totally clear on what your objectives are, but this I can tell you !

    If you are looking for help, you can learn a lot here and for FREE ! I am not saying that this should be your only means of educating yourself about internet marketing, but it is a tool for you to refer to when you have questions and need some answers.

    I joined WF, 4-5 years ago to learn how to generate leads online for my offline mortgage and private money lending business, and its members are very helpful.

    I got a lot of help here with ..... Local Search Engine Optimization, bought courses, hired a coach and a lot of trial error before I got good at it. Seo... is to help you get your website ranking on the 1st three pages locally for your state and city and not nationally for your business .

    If you are not careful, you can taken by seo people who are only interested in making the money, so beware and when someone tells you they will guarantee 1st page results RUN FOR THE HILLS, this means they are not someone you should deal with, no one should be giving you a guarantee period no such things with search engines because I am not google and i can not control what hair they get up their butt then make changes that affects everyone positioning.

    Seo has changed with the penguin and panda updates hurting a lot of people search engine rankings, lead flow, sales and year end profits, now social signals pointing back to your website is part of the google seo algorithms, don't go for the quick unstable 1st page quick rankings, go for the more stable long term ones, but once again no guarantees with google and seo since your site could come down in rankings even if you did not nothing wrong, this is GOOGLE AND SEO, but it is worth fighting for to get your share of chiropractor leads from local search engine listings and rankings.

    Food for thought, you are a specialist and when people come to you, a lot of them are in some PAIN.. am I right or wrong ?

    I would first identify who are your #1 customers, #2 and #3 etccc break it down by what type of clients you would like to bring in through the door more of and the reason why ! You may have a preference over whom you would like to see more of, because you get larger fees, maybe they are sports people with certain types of injuries and need your services.

    Make a small list of your top 20 keyword phrases that you would like to come up on google 1st page ranking for your website that your ideal potential customers in your area are typing into google to find your services locally In your area. Out of the following items below, which of those may you want to focus on because you could make more money on, or people suffer from more frequently, meaning more of larger base of people to target to bring into your office, etccccc

    Lower Back Pain
    Neck Pain
    Disc Injuries (inc. herniated disc)
    Joint sprains
    Muscle Strains
    Rotator Cuff injuries
    Frozen shoulder
    Tennis/golfer’s elbow
    Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
    Repetitive Injuries
    Sports Injuries
    Numbness and Tingling of Hands and Feet

    Look at internet marketing as an OCTOPUS, with many arms all working towards one common goal, in your case to grab your share of leads and business in your area from your competitors.

    Content ... is going to be huge In helping you get what you want and for immediate results then it is paid traffic.

    If you have questions in the area of doing seo for local lead generation, I can be of some help, although I am not selling seo services or seo coaching, I am willing to be of some help in this area, just let me know when you have some questions.

    Depending on what your needs are, your current challenges and problems, then this will direct you on which approach to pursue 1st.

    What state and city is your business in ?

    What is your top 1 problem right now in your business you need to solve right away, then your 2nd, 3rd etcc You need to focus on what is your most pressing need and how can internet marketing help you solve that problem.

    Of course, you should compile a list of all the things you would like to address in your business, but for now I need to know what is your main problem in your business that you would like to address like yesterday and not tomorrow ;>)
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    First of all, this is not a niche but one huge market. A niche would be health and wellness for vegan pregnant women. Note the difference.

    Secondly, no matter what type of delivery you choose, make sure you give your readers researched content. Quality informations and new approaches are always appreciated and these are the things that will make your website stand out from the rest of them. Competition is very high on this market.
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    You might find better advice for what you're looking for in the Offline forum here on WF. Sounds like you're looking to get local customers in the door at your place of business?


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    If you are saying you want to do this to boost the popularity of your health and wellness clinic, why not focus precisely on your business? You could develop an authority site and even a paid, online consultation service?
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    Thanks for the knowledge. I will use the term niche and market differently.

    Katty, I am focusing on my business using internet marketing. Trying to find out which method to use.

    I'd like to test a few.. any ideas on what top 3 methods I can test?

    Thanks again everyone for your valuable input.
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    Since you have a brick and mortar business you definitely will want to make sure your business address has been claimed in Google maps and Google+. That will help your business come up in a local search.

    Also, there are several free online "white pages" similar to the physical kind people use to use a long time ago. You may want to make sure your address appears on those sites.

    Finally, another simple thing you can do is make a short video that introduces your clinic, and when you upload it to YouTube tag the specific address for your location.

    And when I say simple, I mean just take a digital camera that does video, and while videoing the front of your building, say a short monologue stating the name of your company, its full address (including zip code), and what your company specializes in.

    Good luck!
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