How Quickly Did You Make Money Using Classified Ads?

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I am interested in using classified ads for affiliate marketing. Does it work? How quickly were you able to make money? Which product did you use to make money fast? Did you need a blog or website?
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    It all depends on the niche, product and market. Some products lend themselves well to classified ads, others not so much.
    And in time you should realize that a website is a necessity if you want to keep moving forward.

    Check out the classifieds in your niche. Are others promoting affiliate products? If so, could be a good place to start.
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    I had my best affiliate marketing campaign using a classified ad.

    But it's not just a case of chucking up any old thing, you still need to research the product, write decent salescopy and follow up on enquiries

    if you do all that there is no reason why it can't work for you


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      If you don't make money in your first week then better call it of, unless you have a monthly membership to offer for something with a good retention rate, then it's not a huge problem when you only have like 2 new clients a month.
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    If you take a look at the classified ads in various newspapers, magazines, weekly Employment Guides, PennySaver and Thrifty Nickel type of papers and then see ads which are repeated week after week, month after month... you will get some valuable clues about what might work for you as well.
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    Thanks guys for the great information!!!
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    Back in 2005, I used backpage, craigslist and ebays classified site to promote affiliate products and my own product as well.

    Using only those mediums, I was able to bring in a consistent $3K per month just starting out, and doing all the work myself.

    Knowing what I know now, I could've taken that income to $10K per month, but I didn't know what I didn't know.

    Most of the profit was made from Craigslist. It was a bit easier then, but it still had it's problems and you needed your workarounds, just as you do today.

    Can be done, and if you have more time, and a bit of money, then you can do it as well.

    But if you've got funds for paid advertising... then I'd recommend mastering that as that's how you can scale your business up.
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    By using only classified ad you can't make money well, If you make big $$ money online by affiliate marketing you need to make a landing page and promote this by using solo ads. I personally like solo ads and earned a lot of money by using this solo ad method.

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      Originally Posted by ma247 View Post

      By using only classified ad you can't make money well, If you make big $$ money online by affiliate marketing you need to make a landing page and promote this by using solo ads. I personally like solo ads and earned a lot of money by using this solo ad method.

      Guess you sell solo ads.
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    It appears you are trying to figure out, where to start promoting your affiliate offer !

    Ask Your Self These Questions To Help Guide You and....Where you start depends on:

    1) where am I at financially, meaning are you lacking in the funds to invest in advertising your affiliate products
    2) how much time you have to invest
    3) how fast you want to learn
    4) how fast you want to make money online, etcccc
    5) how much money do I have to invest right at this moment consistently on a monthly basis
    6) have I made a list of my options on how to promote the affiliate offer, weigh out the pros and cons on paper to each of them

    Classifieds are tricky, and may still work dependent on how it is approached, for example if you hire someone in india to do massive postings on Craigslist in all the states or other English speaking countries it may work better then posting one single ad that you renew every 2 days on craigslist, since it is being posted maybe 3 times a day for 30 days, it has to be tested and only then will you know if it works or not for your offer.

    Also.........This is tricky, because everything has to be right in order for things to possibly work, meaning depending if you know about copywriting, creating good headlines or classified ad titles, the offer, etccc

    In my opinion, if you do not have money, then use free online classifieds and other free methods to drive traffic to your affiliate offer, if you have money then invest in better more targeted options where the fish are.

    I am a fisherman, when I go fishing I go where I know I can catch fish better, so what I am saying, there are better places to advertise your affiliate offer depending on whom is your offer geared too, do you see what I am saying.

    2 Options Which Are More Highly Targeted To Find Buyers For Your Product

    For example, if your target market are other affiliate marketers, then buy advertising that serves that audience and it is more targeted, like Solo Ad Vendors that place your ad in their email list of proven buyers of make money online type offers that purchased products from them. This is more targeted type of classified and I would recommend this option as a more sound approach if your market are other affiliate marketers.

    If your audience is some one else, then check out they are the oldest and most reputable source for you to find where the fish are and where others are going to fish to sell their services or products via ezines.

    Of course this is just scratching the surface, there are other options to promoting your affiliate offer, but one thing for sure paid advertising is what is going to determine how fast you build a business online, free methods can work but will take longer if you are strapped for cash.

    Hope this helps clear some things and makes it easier for you to make a decision where to focus on, let me know which way you decided to go with when you do decide
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    Great additional information! Thanks guys!
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      Advertising such as classified and display ads has been used quite effectively for selling a wide variety of affiliate products (Clickbank, Amazon, Shareasale, CJ, etc) depending on the target market. But you will need to have several repetitive insertions to see results. One ad by itself will seldom have any significant impact.

      To maximize conversions from online/offline classified ads you also need a fully tested funnel system - and be sure to include a telephone number in addition to the promotional url. Never try to sell directly from these ads; you'll fall flat on your face.

      You can just have a simple intro recording which directs call-in respondents to optin for an incentivized free offer. ( works great for this type of marketing). Follow-up with soft-sell promotions and/or autoresponder sequence messages for your affiliate product(s).

      Although online ads such as ezines, blogs, and even websites may seem to target your niche, quite often the subscriber base may not be fully active readers. I've had far better conversion results (in non-IM niches) with offline publications such as specialty magazines, college newspapers, and regional daily/weekly newspapers. Take into consideration that most offline publications also have online components.
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        You can promote anything you can think of with classified ads. What's important is that you select a meaningful ad title, write a coherent ad, describe your product or service well, include a good pic of the product, logo or banner, and provide public contact info (website link and a phone number if you can take calls).

        We run a free classifieds advertising site and noticed that relatively few people know how to write a decent ad. Sometimes, we do correct spelling and grammar just so the ad makes sense. Stay away from the CAPS LOCK key and the multiple exclamation points (tacky !!!). SEO is important when the ad gets crawled, but if you insert your keywords somewhere, they have to be in context.

        What most people don't realize is that the traditional classifieds model that evolved from newspapers is flawed. Grouping online product ads by locale nowadays is outright silly (ever heard of shipping?) and limits your audience. Try to seek out sites that do not box you in.

        You don't necessarily have to sell something in a classifieds ad. It is possible to just promote your business, website or blog, YouTube video clip, Facebook page, etc. Be creative.
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    Great things to think about!
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