How to start a blogging career?

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I read blogging is the most easy way to make money online. I am not an expert article writer but I want to learn and start a new blog. Can you tell me some blogging career tips?
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    Matthew Woodward here on the forum has some excellent insights about it. I just read a guide he made available to the War Room members. He outlines blogging career A - Z including traffic generation, writing, tools, seo, etc. It's excellent stuff. You can visit his website for free guides too.
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    I dont think blogging is the most easiest way to make money. But blogging need a lot of work to maintain. Fresh and high quality content. Social bookmarking to all social sites. Build a Facebook fan page and try to get a lot of REAL fan's. Find a good domains name.

    Thats is normally what I do. Hope this help u some.
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    There's a ton of money to be made as an Amazon affiliate and one of the easiest ways to promote anything from Amazon is through a blog. I'm working a local program in my community teaching people how to do everything using free tools. Feel free to sign-up for the online portion. There's no charge. Internet Marketing Basics | Get Started Without Going Broke
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    First of all you have to find the niche which you are passionate about and have detailed knowledge about it and you can help others. for example if you have a great knowledge about mobile phones then you can write a detailed reviews about mobiles phones. Secondly blogging does not give you instant profit or make you rich in few days. You have to work hard, have to be consistent and keep writing quality post. Last but not the least by doing proper SEO techniques.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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      Blogging is definately not the easiest way to make money online. It will take a lot of time and most succesful blogs actually started as a hobby. So if you think you're able to create unlimited content about a certain topic and enjoy that, then definately go ahead and after about a year you might see some great rewards coming in.

      If that's not the case you'll give up after a few months and will have waisted you time. So just make sure if you want to start blogging it's something you really care about and see it as a hobby, then you will become succesful in due time.
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    Blogging is not easy at all, but it's also not hard either. If you have a passion or hobby that has a level of popularity, then creating a blog around that niche could be quite successful if done correct and with passion.

    You will need to post regulat content, and also find other ways of attracting traffic, other than seo.

    I have a blog that I update regulary, and it took me quite some time before I started to see decent traffic, so you will also need to stick with it, and don't give up.

    When I started, I thought blogging was pretty straight forward, but over time I have realised that there is quite a lot to learn.

    I recommend that you do a google search for Problogger and Darren Rowse. His site and membership site has learnt me a ton with regards to blogging.

    Good luck!
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    • Blogging is complicatedly simple. Not easy, but simple!

      I say complicated because after you create an epic content that saves mankind, the real work begins.

      Beforr even pressing the publish button, you must optimize on page to look good for the serps (especially Google) while making it enjoyable to read for your audiences.

      Next, you have to syndicate it to your social media outlets and perhaps even have a video to complement and highlight your keypoints of your blog on youtube.

      Then you gotta create backlinks whichever "hat" technique you believe in.

      You have to market the hell out of your content with your email, social and forum marketing to get your precious hard work content to be read by your audiences.

      Simple right?
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    I've been blogging in one form or another since 2006. It's by no means an easy way to make money as there are soooo many blogs out there. But here are a few things I've learned along the way that might help you out:

    1. Blog about a topic you're passionate about, not one you think will make you a lot of money. Trust me, readers can tell if you're really interested in your topic or just trying to make sales. Sales WILL follow if you're enthusiastic and take the time to post good content.

    2. Building traffic takes time. Don't expect 1000s of visitors your first month.

    3. Follow, and comment on, other blogs in your niche. Just make sure your comments add value to the conversation. Spamming links to your blog is a great way to lose visitors, and trust.

    4. Get active on social media. Create a Twitter account and Facebook page for your blog. Engage with your readers.

    5. Blogging is NOT a passive way to make money. It takes time and energy.

    Keep these points in mind and you'll be off to a great start!
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    Just noticed you are asking a newbie question but your signature talks of Blogging Tips and Tricks. How can you put this together?
    Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers, Revealing unknown killer Affiliate Marketing tricks for Bloggers. Special Discount: WF17
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    Originally Posted by avowzone View Post

    I read blogging is the most easy way to make money online. I am not an expert article writer but I want to learn and start a new blog. Can you tell me some blogging career tips?

    It is NOT the easiest way to make money online.

    It's super simple to start, mind you - grab a domain, hosting, install WP and bam you're ready to go!

    Or take advantage of free blogging sites like - Get a Free Website and Blog Here


    FIRST - to make money, you need visitors to do SOMETHING at your site.

    Click on your PPC ad.

    Click on your affiliate link and then buy said affiliate product

    Buy YOUR product.

    You might have heard that it takes at least 7 instances before someone chooses an action?

    And then breaking into the bigger areas of niches - lots of power bloggers already there (not that that should stop you!).

    Darren does have Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging - ProBlogger but before that became super popular, he did what I did - a number of niche affiliate/adsense/amazon/etc.

    He also is the creator of Digital Photography School - Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials .

    Resources for blogging careers?


    How to Build a Career in Blogging

    A CUP OF JO: Blogging as a career

    Is it Time to Make Blogging Your Career?

    DEFINITELY it is not the easiest way to earn money online, not by a longshot.

    I personally think that product creation affiliate marketing is the easiest way. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

    Hope that helps!
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    Read anything you can from Angela Booth. Her "Blogging Ace' product is really good.
    Jeff Schuman - SEO Blog Writer For Hire! Buy affordable, SEO, quality, MMO niche blog articles. Fast turnaround.
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    1 Try to find a niche and something you may be knowledgeable in because you will need to write a lot about it and you will need to come up with new and relevant content.
    2 Choose a subject you feel comfortable talking about and keep to the blog. This is an endevor that requires consistency.
    3 After a lot of work, you will be able to advertise on it and this is where money comes from.
    4 Stick to it long enough and you will be able to apply some other tricks of the trade.

    Good luck
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    You can earn good money in blogging but not from the day 1 itself. A blog will take more time to earn for you and that depends on the niche you choose, the contents you post and the audience you built. So there is a lot to look around when we talk about blogging. You need to be aware of every single method to promote your blog, content and its reputation. To get engaged visitors, you need to produce interesting contents which people love to read and share. When people find your website as interesting and if they bookmark it, then you're okay to sign up for affiliates like amazon and etc(you can search online for best paying affiliates) and post their banner ads and links in your website. The visits will convert into sales and you will get good commission. Like I said, It doesn't happen in one day. It will take minimum one year. All the best for your IM venture.
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      Blogging is easy IF YOU ARE PATIENT.

      It's one of the best ways to communicate whatever you are passionate about and make an income.

      Think of it as more like a long term investment. There's no need to rush.

      But before you start, make sure you choose to blog about something that you are passionate about, and not something that is chosen just because of how viable the topic's market is.

      The only way you'll be successful in blogging is if you enjoy the PROCESS, and not the just the end result. It's about the journey.
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    Blogging is a great model to make money online although you have to carefully plan it out before starting. You can't just choose something you're passionate about and start a blog and expect to make money. Niche selection is where most beginners go wrong...
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  • Originally Posted by avowzone View Post

    I read blogging is the most easy way to make money online. I am not an expert article writer but I want to learn and start a new blog. Can you tell me some blogging career tips?
    As someone who started blogging 4 years ago which led to a publisher approaching me to write a book...blogging is not a quick route to wealth. The key is finding a niche in which you can become a thought leader of. Once you have built your online bona fides, you will have a way to earn a living.


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      I disagree that BLOGGING takes a lot of work to maintain.

      Maybe if you are blogging for the most common one of two reasons which is blogging for SEO traffic, or blogging daily trying to gain more traction with building up a brand and a subscriber base.

      There are some ninja blogging methods out there where you can literally create valuable blog post for maybe a 30-90 day period and never have to blog EVER again, if you know how to set-up perpetual traffic loops. The best part is that you can hire and outsource out 30-90 blog post that have value.

      Once you have a foundation you can literally control steady and predictable traffic to a website without traffic from search engines and become an expert of your niche in less than 90 days.

      It's all about strategy.

      If you have a grinder strategy, you will get grinder results.

      If you have a smart strategy, you will get smart results.

      Thank you for connecting with me, I really appreciate everytime you respond or have a conversation with me. (hint: I'm an introvert, lol) ---

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    Learn targeted traffic generation. It's the number 1 way to make your blog succeed. Blog everyday and market it like a mad person. Make sure you capture leads and participate in comments.
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    Hi Avowzone

    Reading your query reminds me of my stressful early days. I was longing for the exact Noob Proof methods of Blogging. I read everywhere that people are making money blogging but and it is free or low cost.

    But I did lot of investments and hard word as there was no one to mentor me.
    But now in your case I will mentor you if you are really serious about this blogging career.
    I will not charge anything and that is a promise. Also this is a message to all the warriors who are newbies that you can send me problems and I will surely solve them.

    Avowzone for you I can say that career in blogging nothing but you act as a solution provider. I know this might sound weird first but once you understand the basics then you will realise this. Blog in any niche you like and provide valuable solutions to your readers and in turn you make money in different ways.

    Feel free to write to me for more details.
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    Blogging means writing. So if you don't have good skill on writing, you can't approach on blogging. You can hire a writer or you can make affiliate marketing to make money.
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    Give freebies. Who doesn't like a freebie?! Online freebies are commonplace and they leave the visitor wanting more when they are well written and informative introductory materials. Visit SEOclerks. You can find many experts here, they can help you in promoting your blog at a cheap rate.
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    It's easy for the right people. Anyone can be the right one to do it easily but not very many people at all have the fortitude to be consistent and push through the beginnings.

    Easy is like value.... perceived. For myself and others I associate with, blogging is easy, fun, and relaxing ergo easy way to make money.

    Was it easy to learn? Was it easy to be consistent with massive value? Was it easy to rank for high competition?

    No, but then again nothing is easy at first.

    Follow a blueprint and have a few good sources of reference (mentor, this forum, other blogs) and you can be doing well in 6 months. It's all about how committed you are to your own success.

    It IS NOT for EVERYONE.... only those that find ease and comfort in producing awesome valuable posts.

    As far as tips... don't short change your readers with short crappy posts on irrelevant topics. KNOW your niche and speak to your target market. It takes time but do it right from the start so your early content isn't a "waste".

    Hope that helps

    Let's Network!!
    Shoot Me A Message
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    Blogging in now way is the easiest way to make money. However, it surely is the simplest and sometimes, most profitable way to do so....

    The key is to find a field you are well versed in... it could be anything really... just post consistently.. the min you stop, your base will fade and don't ever make your audience think that you are trying to make money from them.....

    want a good example of this? check out kim kardashian's twitter feed... 30 percent of her posts are ads shes doing for people... but they never appear to be so....
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    Thanks to all the members who have given such great advice on this thread. It has given me a lot to think about and lot's of great resources.
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    Question to everyone who posted... do you think starting a blog about internet marketing is a bad idea? I know in terms of SEO I might not have a chance in hell at getting traffic, lol... but learning "how to make money online" IS what I'm passionate about!
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    Blogging is NOT easy!

    It's easy to get started but not easy to create a blog that people love, visit regularly, share, link to and buy from.

    Most blogs never even make $100.

    Unless you can create some of the best content in your niche or give a fresh perspective on things or make your personality shine through no one will care.

    You can't just blog about any old crap and promote products and expect to have any success.

    Blogs also take a fair bit of time to take off and build up an audience.
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