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When providing services (web design, mobile services, SEO, reputation management, etc.) it seems like people "go for a niche".

Out of curiosity, how many should be in a niche to make it worthwhile? 200? 100? 50?
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    Originally Posted by dgmufasa View Post

    When providing services (web design, mobile services, SEO, reputation management, etc.) it seems like people "go for a niche".

    Out of curiosity, how many should be in a niche to make it worthwhile? 200? 100? 50?
    How many what?

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    The numbers you entered are similar to the traffic the blog of a less than popular high school kid could get, provided that all of his friends and family accessed it daily. Surely it is less than what makes out a niche.

    To give you a better idea of how many people make out a niche you can look at this examples. There is the clothing industry, the women's clothing market, the pregnant women segment, the tall pregnant women niche. You can make a transgression from how big you imagine the industry, then the market, then the segment, then the niche to be.

    I hope it helped at least a little.
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      Currently all of my websites are within very competitive niches, Why? Because that's where the real money usually is. If you want to be truly successful, my advice is to start thinking long term. In most cases, it's going to take a bunch of "successful" small niches before you're earning just an average income. In the long term what you have created is a bunch of different small businesses that are going to require a lot of future time and effort to properly maintain.

      In my opinion the best approach to this is to find a single niche that has lots of competition, an enormous audience and provide top notch quality products, services or content to that audience. All of the big boys started somewhere, don't limit yourself. Shoot for the stars and remember, there are hundreds of thousands of great websites somewhere out there that nobody even knows exists. If you want to be successful online, learn to advertise or hire someone to advertise for you.

      I wish you much success,
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    I think it's best to go for a specific niche and try to become an authority in that niche. Ofcourse there needs to be a market and money to be made in that niche too. I don't think your numbers make sense though
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    100k would be nice. However i've operated in niches of 5,000 people or less that i've made good money from.
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    If you were selling high end sports cars then a few hundred people might be enough!:-) a better indicator of a good niche is the competition. If plenty of businesses are already selling to that niche then you know the money is there (irrelevant of how many people are in it).
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      A worth while niche mmmmmm, well I have a niche I would like to share with you, because its new not many people no about it, it could be your thing, the niche is High Ticket Com's when you get a chance check it out: >> The SFM
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    How many what?
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    Hi and thanks for the responses! I need to be a bit more specific - although - I did mention Reputation Managemnt and SEO above

    Basically, what I was endeavoring to sell were websites (or web services). In this case, I would be doing the work myself, so numbers like 100K would not work for me here LOL

    Bascially, I would be cold-calling clients that I perceive to be having a problem that I could solve. The reason for the "low" numbers was because I remember someone saying that they made a sale to 19 customers in 1 day (now "19 of what" - I don't know). I also saw one fellow who mentioned he deposited a little over $6K (with 5 checks) in the bank and then had another $16K gathered in a previous week.

    It was this in mind that I was asking what would be a good number for a "niche" - or - would it be called that?
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