What services should I personally offer on Fiverr?

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Hi everyone,

I have be considering the idea of using fiverr a bit more as I am starting to see an increase in sales for my only gig that I have been running a little while now.

I have a gig where I provide people with targeted User ID's for custom audience facebook ads.

I do not have any experience in graphic design or anything like that which quite a lot of people provide on fiverr. The only real thing I can think of is my experience using social media...

What other services can you think of that I might be able to offer?

Help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Fiverr is for services you are good at so mentioning graphic design is irrelevant if you are not good at it. Taking my point above, you should offer services you excel in. No need to make things fancy. You can do ads which are just for fun as well. People buy those types of stuff.
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    How can we suggest things when we don't know your skills?

    Cheers, Laurence.

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    As above, provide something you're good at. That being said, I find the best people on fiverr focus on speed of delivery. And they usually have a rinse and repeat system set up so they can knock out their service in next to no time.
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    You can offer for this kinds of work, where you are very skill full, you can do many kinds of work there. but you should do the best work for your client.
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    There's 4 ways. I wrote a blog post about it (sorry about the shameless plug)

    1. See what others are selling
    2. Solve buyer problems
    3. Make a list of your skills, passions and hobbies
    4. Do something completely different

    Basically, you can go to each category and sort by highest rated and see what gigs are the most popular and see if you can do them (and do them better). Another way is to look in the Buyer Requests section and see what kinds of gigs people are looking for.
    As someone else said, you could even use your sax somehow in a gig. They were probably joking but if you were creative enough and did something like video testimonials holding a sax or something, it would help you differentiate your gigs.
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    Well saxophones seem like your thing...

    You could play happy birthday on a saxophone for someone

    (First thing that came to mind)

    Be creative with it though...

    The possibilities are pretty much endless
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