List of things you try to do everyday to promote your website

by ron200
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I am trying to form a game plan or daily action plan as I have been just doing random stuff with no real plan in place.

Would anyone share their daily action plan for website promotion?
With numbers like make x amount of tweets or follow x amount of people, etc.
Thank for the help as I know if I have action plan written down I will strive to meet that goal each day.
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    What are you currently doing to drive traffic?
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    Twitter, Forums, Free Ads Mostly, I need to get started on Facebook and article marketing for sure and a bunch of other things.
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      I would say focus on one traffic method first - master it and then move on to the next traffic method. Keep trying one traffic method until you get the traffic you are looking for and get sales.
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    Like instantclassic said, focus on 1-2 traffic sources until you get get good at them. If you try to do to many things at once you will get frustrated and you probably won't be very productive.
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    create and post a video and/or post on your blog.
    - create 10-20 backlinks to the post

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    1.) Create a daily video lesson via Google Hangouts every day.

    2.) Make sure to include your keywords in said lesson.

    3.) Create a category named with your keyword on your website.

    4.) Embed your hangout video in your site.


    See where my site, , ranks for

    Works great.
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    actionplanbiz- where exactly are you getting 10-20 backlinks a day? blog posting, squidoo, twitter, facebook, and stuff like that?

    barbling- I keep seeing google hangouts but have not looked into how to do anything with it.
    Probably the 2 things I need to learn that I don't know much about is Facebook and Google hangouts.
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    I like @ Barbling posts on how she is getting traffic and ranking. Video sessions are a great media to attract tons of traffic.

    I am earning around $700-$800 per month from a site that is penalized by google and is not even indexed.

    Solely relying on Videos to generate sales.
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    To promote your website, you need to do SEO for your website. You can use YouTube video marketing to get a massive traffic on your website. You can do this in two ways-

    1.Make a review/training video and upload on YouTube.
    2.Make comments to relevant video
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    social bookmarking- FB, twiterr and other !
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      1) Forums - this one and others depending on your niche - Ask questions, and answer questions - no spammy comments. i.e. "I agree", "nice post"

      2) Blog comments - provide value in your comments. Ask a question pertaining to the post or comment about something specific you learned from post. No spam - same as above.

      3) If you have Aweber (others may have same perk) whenever an email goes out to your list or you post to your blog an alert is sent to your Twitter and FB accounts announcing you have something new. After it's set up it's automatic.

      That's a good place to start and costs you nothing but your time except Aweber but you absolutely need an autoresponder because if you are not building your list then you are just spinning your wheels.
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    How about personalizing your email signature to include references and a link to your website? Every time you're sending emails people you get in touch with will be remembered of what you're doing and word of mouth could get you somewhere.
    Also, social networks require a long term commitment, if you're planning to get leads the natural way. I for one use facebook, posting 5 - 7 messages a day, liking 2 or 3 new related pages a day and posting 3 - 4 comments a day. I'm not saying it's easy, you just need to be persistent and do a little bit of everything.
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    By now you should know that without consistent targeted traffic being sent to your website, sales funnel, your blog, squeeze pages . . . .

    Your business will either come to a complete STOP!

    Or it will never even get off the ground.

    So my advice is making targeted TRAFFIC everyday an essential plan!

    I suggest be ACTIVE everyday on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pin interest they are all great sources of internet traffic, YES it takes time to create accounts but it actually converts to sales and in the long run it’s far more rewarding.
    I hope this helps you.
    Good Luck Buddy

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    Things everybody should be spending time doing every day is being active on social media and forums like this very one you are on now.

    You aren't going to see traffic that converts into an endless cashflow but being active around those places is one of the most important steps to long term success.

    Please contribute to my university research into how generative AI is transforming digital marketing strategies

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    I do forum and blog commenting, and I must say without a doubt that is the most tedious and boring task Ive ever done. I do it everyday but......

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    Follow my trek as I log the ups and downs of my marketing business.
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