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Hey Warriors,

I'm trying to start a Local Internet Marketing Mastermind Group (I'm based in NY), and was wondering if anyone was interested in joining. My vision for it would be to focus on AFK (away from keyboard) interactions as much as online interactions - because most of us IM'ers are solitary creatures. People, we need to get out and socialize! This IM Hustle can be quite solitary - most of your immediate friends/family don't know what the heck you are doing, and your stuck for hours on end in front of a computer with no human interaction - it's not healthy.

Nothing matches power of interacting with like-minded individuals - both for motivation & inspiration. It takes longer to get better on your own than it does when your in a group of like-minded individuals sharing best practices on a regular basis! Having someone around to kick your butt when your slacking is a plus too ;P

I'm looking to make a hybrid website/local meetup group/weekly web chat, that will keep us all motivated and help us progress faster. Plus, if one member has an ability that another lacks, they can help them get us to speed faster and vice versa!

If anyone is interested, either reply to this thread or send me a PM. Even if your not in the NY/NJ area, you can still participate via the website (which I would setup) or via Skype/Google Hangout/Chat, etc...

My expertise? Joomla, Wordpress, Graphic Design, PHP/HTML, Responsive Design, SEO...
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