Very low online sales ( digital products ) help !!

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I launched a website 3 months ago


which sells ready made android apps in which a developer buys the app , changes its design, then publish.At first the site generated daily 20-40 views which is too low.I started an adwords campaign of 5$/day and now the statistics show 300+ views daily.However , only 10 sales took place since I launched the site.May you please take a look at the site & give me advice about :

1) Why are sales too low ?
2) How to generate more sales ?

Also I attached a pic showing the reffering links to my site .
I really appreciate any help
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    Online selling success is dependent upon many variables - it's why creating a profitable business is not easy or quick. You have to experiment, test, and track different variables until you find what works.

    Here are four things you might think about and test:

    1- When someone first comes to your site, what do they see without scrolling? A navigation menu, a subscription box and the title of the site which is also in the URL.

    What is not readily and quickly understood is what the site is about and why should I stay? What's here for me?

    I think you have too much wasted space "above the fold." You have a few seconds to answer those questions.

    2- What is compelling about your home page? Why would someone want to spend money without some really motivating reason(s) that are offered? You might think about adding a benefits bullet point list. Typically a good sales page will have some great sales copy extolling the benefits of the products being sold.

    3- You have no social proof. I think testimonials are important. Prospects like to see that others have purchased the products and liked them. Give a few products away in exchange for an honest testimonial about the user experience or utility with the product.

    4- How targeted are the prospects you're attracting? Are they specifically hunting for android source codes that they can sell? We don't know what keywords you've chosen in your advertising, but be sure that you are marketing to people who want exactly what you're offering.

    There are many variables to test. This short list might get you started.

    The best to you,


    There are other variables

    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I notice some "mizpellinz".

    There are many grammar errors. Sentence construction is poor.

    OK so was this site created by some one that is not familiar with the English language?

    Also, $100 for a game is expensive.
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    You should probably hire a native English speaker to do some copy writing on your page. The bad grammar can scare away potential buyers.
    Also, personally, you could use a much better looking logo with a nicer design. The more beautiful a website is, the lower the bounce rate I find.
    Also, use social media to help promote the website. I see you have Twitter and Facebook, I would use a good Twitter bot to follow users in your niche to draw attention to your website. Buy some fake followers/likes to give yourself social proof and make yourself look popular. It will encourage more organic followers.
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