Any service provider who can help research images for my website?

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Hi all

So I've got a question which I hope some of you can help me with.

I've bought a pre-built website template from an individual and the images on the website are gorgeous. However, I have a suspicion those images are not free for me to use (unless the person who sold me the site bought an extended license from ShutterStock, etc.).

I checked with the seller and he insists they are ok to be used on my website. From what I understand, if the seller purchases an image from ShutterStock under a standard license, it is useful for only ONE use (i.e. on his demo template site when selling to folks like me).

However, someone like me who purchase the site template has no rights to the image. So although I'm happy with my purchase, I'd like to replace the images the seller provided to me in the site template.

Do you know if there are services out there who can help me research images for my website (e.g. 5 images) and point me to the page on ShutterStock so I can buy the images? I don't want to spend time researching images, as I know that takes a LONG time.

Thanks in advance!
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    Bumping this thread ...
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      The only suggestion I can make is to post your request in the "Wanted - Members Looking to Hire You" sub-forum. It can be found under the Warriors Special Offers section.

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    One thing you could try doing is right clicking on the image, then click "Search Google for this image". It does a pretty good job of tracking down images and also gives you "Visually similar images."

    I'm not sure if it does this on every system, I'm using a PC with Windows 7 (not sure if that matters) and Google Chrome.

    Otherwise, you could always post a something quick on a freelancing site and set a fixed price for the project. Or post something in the "Wanted - Members Looking To Hire You": Wanted - Members Looking To Hire You
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    Perhaps you could try something like tineye and do a reverse image search?
    The times I've used it, it returned the url's of where it found dupes. Might not be too
    hard to weed out the source.


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